Letter to an Atheist

“Regardless of how strongly we identify ourselves with a religion, philosophy, or worldview; ultimately it is love for humanity and life which transforms us into a greater state of being. If the so-called atheist remains true to their alleged principles of universal brotherhood, then eventually they should arrive at the same place as the saints. Unfortunately, this is rarely ever seen for the simple fact that in order to get to this ascended state, a humbling must occur before the revelation of our higher spiritual self. This is extremely difficult for an egoist because there are elements within ego which act in usurping this process. Yet if it can be accomplished, one is no longer an atheist, but simply a human being that now exists within an ascended level of I AM consciousness. Within this state of being one is reconnected with their collective humanity and ultimately in a completed state of fulfillment to their life’s purpose.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian May 17, 2017

Life certainly has an interesting way of unfolding.  The most attention I have received from Beyond the Soul’s Meridian so far is from a group that I would have least expected, in the form of some very hostile criticism.  Even though they have a negative opinion of my work they have read it in much greater detail than anyone one else has up until this point. So far, they have completely missed the point of the work.  For the record, it is most analogous to an alchemical treatise which is designed to catalyze a transformational shift in consciousness.  The initial stage of this process can be one that is quite overwhelming if not downright disturbing, specifically to the more egotistical individuals who despite themselves have developed a compulsion to read through many parts of it. 

Over the last year everything was pretty uneventful until my last month’s post entitled the “The Avatar of Christ Timeline.”  It never fails to astonish that when the “C” word is mentioned, all hell breaks loose.  From the beginning the nature of the criticism has been very mean spirited, derogatory, and personal.  In many ways these self appointed inquisitors have attempted to reduce me to an inhuman stereotype which is much easier for them to abuse.  Yet they believe that they control the moral high ground, not because of any ethical code of conduct based upon our intrinsic human capacities of respect, understanding, reason, compassion, empathy, or God forbid, love.  No, these are not the reasons.  They think that they have a moral authority over us because they arrogantly believe that their intellect (which is steeped within their limited theories) is superior to the vast majority of the rest of the people living in the world.  They actually hold on to the conviction that it is their duty to save us from our disordered thinking.  And what is this disordered thinking?  It is our innate awareness of a spiritual higher power.

In a web page devoted to atheistic thought “Debate Protocol for an Atheist” it outlines an approach for atheistic proselytizing intended to “help” a person shed their faith through debate if not forceful mental coercion. (1)  This is done with the intent to improve the life of a “misguided” person who possesses faith.  Furthermore, this site aligns itself with the atheistic viewpoint that there is no god, there is no free will, and there is no meaning to the universe.  It is assumed that accepting this worldview will liberate the human being.  Yet it never occurs to them that a higher level of liberation can occur by coming to “know” through an expanded awareness that God and the spirit exist, that there is free will, and that not only the universe but our own individual life has meaning.   The truth is that we have a choice between living in competition, chaos, limitation, and hierarchy in a world devoid of spirit versus cooperation, unity, freedom, and understanding within a world that welcomes the spirit.  It is very interesting that atheists are not talking about shedding a specific religion, but in fact faith altogether which is the vehicle that will eventually lead to a greater state of consciousness.   This simply amounts to extinguishing our innate impulse to know the mystery and higher natures of our self.

Well, live and let live I say.  Clearly, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  Yet at least from the atheistic reference, there is no debate as to the nature of God, free will, or the meaning of the universe because it is reduced to a non-issue.  By intention, atheists have taken it upon themselves to militantly enforce their dispirited worldview upon the rest of us.  What distinguishes an atheist from all other groups is that they have completely closed their minds off to any spiritual considerations.  This is most apparent within the realm of “science” which they believe they own and control.  Yet the reality is they have created a materialistic cult which we have through their efforts been conditioned to believe is “science”.  This science limits itself to potentials, probabilities, and truths that exist outside of its own linear physical construct.  There are simply boundaries within the souls of these individuals that their ego will not allow them to cross.

This self-governing force is draconian in nature.  The visionary Friedrich Nietzsche saw this force as the dragon that exists within us.  In essence it is ego which grows stronger within us as our intellect develops.  Yet through this development we lose the awareness of our spiritual origins and sense of interconnectedness.  If we go too far in this process, then there is absolutely no possibility for the productive exchange of ideas with a person locked into this mindset and a person who has transcended it.  The reason for this is because by convention, the dedicated atheist lives in a world of theoretical isolation which lacks the common ground linking them to the rest of humanity.  Furthermore, in this dispirited state a person is far more susceptible to mind control because they have been conditioned to accept truth from what they perceive to be as sanctified external sources.


A transcended soul is one who has developed the courage and strength to slay the dragon which acts as a vehicle of mind control allowing them to cross the threshold back to humanity and into a life that is liberated from enslaving hierarchy.  To do this one must discover how to live outside of ego.  This is the meaning behind entering the Kingdom as a child, which Nietzsche specifically cites.  Ultimately, what connects all of us together is spiritual in nature and is a sympathetic energy that manifests itself through us as love.  When it comes to issues of spirituality, the arrogant tirades, circular arguments, personal attacks, and hollow logic generally identify those who have aligned themselves with the anti-spiritual cult of skeptical atheism.

Skeptics go all the way back to beyond the Pharisees and into the mythologies of Atlantis.  They have always opposed the teachings of Oneness, Unity, and Love and live either wittingly or unwittingly in contradistinction to it.  According to Edgar Casey, in Atlantean times these souls identified themselves as the Sons of Belial.  Belial is one of the many children of the Anti-Christ or Anti-Spirit.  As Edgar Casey stated, the Sons of Belial lived a life dedicated to self aggrandizement in service to the metaphysical master of this growing egotistical power.  Today they call themselves atheists and have forgotten that indeed their ego is ruled by controlling entities within a hierarchical construct.  Yet it is important to remember that none of this is a mistake in as much as it is a process that all of us are evolving through.

The concept of the Christ or Christós, meaning the anointed one, also goes back to these Atlantean mythologies and predates the Vedics, Egyptians, Chaldeans, and the Greeks.   This entity is depicted within the Tree of Life of the Qaballah as the central sun sphere known as Tipareth.  It is known as a radiating universal sun energy which is unifying and enlightening in nature.  It is also energetically infusing the vehicle of our higher self or spirit which is sympathetic in nature and the source of love as it manifests through us.  As Edgar Casey stated, those who lived within these enlightened and unifying principles were known as the Children of the Law of One.

Now I do not want to stereotype because there are many people today who consider themselves “atheists” that have within them an intrinsic nature for goodwill and kindness.  Generally, they tend to be people who are non-religious or anti-religious.  For the most part it is organized religion itself (which has been infiltrated by anti-spiritual forces) which is to be blamed for the abandonment of religious practices.  For this discussion I will refer to any “atheist” who has the potential for spiritual consideration as agnostic, which means non-knower.  I would also consider any person who has purged them self of belief, yet is still bound by love for life and humanity to be within this category.  Today the more politically correct term is a non-religious person.  These people are extraordinarily close to spiritual enlightenment because they are breaking down all of the conventional barriers that have been erected within their souls through the teachings of conventional science and religion.  Most of the agnostics are on the fast track to discovering that by breaking down and stepping outside of convention they are becoming closer to the intrinsic natures of their higher self.

As to what a person does after discovering their higher natures is another story.  Most will align themselves to Unity or Christ consciousness.  Yet a small minority will polarize into further isolation, separation, and selfishness.  Virtually all of those who have ascended their consciousness within this negative polarity are no longer atheists but deists and know that higher powers exist and can be manipulated in service to self and hierarchy.  These people are the underlying and organizing force that exists behind the world atheism movement, which again has its root within the Atlantean experience as a method for controlling the populace through forced indoctrination of limiting ideas.  For instance, these limiting ideas can be found within the principles of the IHEU (International Humanist and Ethical Union) which pathologically limits thought to only one physical life and forbids any theistic considerations.  Yet the organization was founded upon persons who had and still have strong ties to powerful groups that have dedicated themselves to the understanding and practice of occult rituals which actually binds the IHEU and the members who swear allegiance to it all the way back to the Atlantean mysteries. (See “Beyond the Soul’s Meridian” Chapter 2, Confronting the Masters of Confinement for further discussion and references.)

As far as what percentage of people living in the world today are atheists is debatable, but according to the United States Central Intelligence Agency it amounts to a very low number.  In their 2014 World Fact Book, the number stated is approximately 2% of the world’s population.  About 10% of the world’s population are placed in the category of non-religious (or agnostic), leaving 88% of the world’s population in either believing or knowing of a higher spiritual power.  The sheer fact is that only 2% of the people living on earth today believe that 98% of the world’s population is wrong in their way of thinking, with perhaps 10% of the population potentially sympathetic to their cause.  This is a classic example of hierarchy which is a system designed to allow a small group of persons to control society.  It is based upon a pyramidal system which again has its roots in Atlantean mythology.  Perhaps the question that should now be asked is, “What kind of society does this system actually create.”  Despite the rhetoric of the atheists and their controlling elite masters, it is not the utopian society that has been perpetually promised to those who have come to adopt their materialistic worldview.  In fact it is the opposite.  It is the dystopian world that virtually all of us find ourselves living in today.  It is a world where competition, conflict, strife, selfishness and greed rule.  This is exactly what is needed in order for a draconian hierarchy to work.  This is the basis for virtually all of our society’s illnesses which originate within our spiritual disconnectedness.

This fact directly correlates to something very provocative that Carl Jung once stated which is that it is impossible for a human being to be “non-religious.”  I would probably rephrase this to non-spiritual.  The reason for this is simple.  From a psychological perspective there is something within us that serves a religious function.  That something ultimately is our higher self.  Sigmund Freud taps into this when he discusses the superego.  Ultimately it is our spirit.  Hence it is impossible for a whole and healthy human being to be non-spiritual.  In fact I would go so far as to define a “human being” as a person who has developed the wisdom and insight to live within the guidance of their higher spiritual principles.  In higher forms of science, a human being is distinguished from an animal by the absence or presence of an individual spirit.  Animals do have spirit, but it is collective and outside of themselves.  Within the human being, the spirit is individualized and has descended within.  As the visionary Meister Eckhart stated, “God and I are one.”  By convention the atheist is attempting to distance themselves from the part of them which actually makes us human.  That part is of course our higher self or spirit.  To deny the presence of the higher self is a major source of illness and suffering and a proven recipe for disaster.

For the record, I should directly address some of the issues brought up in these personal attacks.  My own roots come from the same stream of consciousness as my inquisitors.  I was never raised as a religious person.  Although I have been told by my inquisitors that I know nothing about atheism, I know it as well as my own family who are for the most part non-conformists, skeptics, non-believers, existentialists, and agnostics. We may even have a few atheists.  Science was my religion for the first 35 years of my life and although it never sat well with me, I had dabbled with atheism on and off during this time.  Believe it or not, my empiricism has led me to my own conclusions.  I have sworn allegiance to no religion or form of science that limits thought.  I love my family, students, colleagues, vocation and even those souls who have taken it upon themselves to act as my inquisitors.  What a gift they have given me as their energies have served to inspire this discussion allowing me to see even greater connections to them and the world around me.  I live a relatively conventional and modest life.   Perhaps what is most essential to understand is that I have never abandoned my scientific origins.  As I have stated numerous times I have always regarded empiricism as a central foundation to my work and to my approach in healing and healthcare.  Yet I have also stated many times that I have not sworn allegiance to any specific method or formulaic industry driven standardized protocols.  If positive results can be obtained through variable practices of healing, then by all means as long as we are not guilty of peddling snake oil, it should be done.  About 90% of what I do in my office is generally allopathic and conventional in nature.  If a person is receptive to an integrative or alternative approach (and many people these days not only are, but are expecting it) then alternative therapies can be responsibly offered.

Ultimately healing occurs through the powers of the individual and what the holistic practitioner is doing is assessing the patient’s individual needs and enhancing this process.  In a broad and superficial level this is obvious to even the most conventional practitioners.  For instance, it is clearly observed that without an effective immune system absolutely no healing can occur despite whatever therapies are thrown at the patient.  Furthermore, through a greater understanding energetically of how the human being functions we can begin to see how the immune-reticuloendothelial system is directly related to what the ancient people have always identified as our vitality or health body.  This will be a subject for further discussion but has been mentioned before in my previous work. Expanding upon this empirical observation is opening up whole new avenues of wellness and therapy which is just beginning to be considered within the paradigm of conventional medicine.

In conclusion to this discussion I would like to propose some final thoughts. As opposed to existentialism and agnosticism, the roots of atheism are divisive.  Just like inflexible secularism, it is an instrument of fundamentalism used by hierarchy to divide and conquer, keeping us within a lower state of consciousness.  To the atheists, perhaps the most feared if not reviled of all religious teachings are the ones articulated by Jesus Christ which are the basis for our Western forms of enlightened spiritual understanding.  One of the common arguments made by atheists correlates to statements made by Jesus in regards to Fulfilling the Law.  This passage is directly linked to the Beatitudes and the parable of Salt and Light, which I have stated before in my work are alchemical references to help guide the ascension of the human soul.  (See Beyond the Soul’s Meridian, Chapter 10 Wisdom is Love, pages 206-213 for a further discussion)

Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.  For truly I tell you, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished.  Therefore anyone who sets aside one of the least of these commands and teaches others accordingly will be called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever practices and teaches these commands will be called great in the kingdom of heaven. For I tell you that unless your righteousness surpasses that of the Pharisees and the teachers of the law, you will certainly not enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 15:17-20)

The argument that the skeptics and atheists make is weak and is based upon the second sentence stating that we should not alter the previously existing laws. These laws are generally understood to be the laws of the prophets and the laws as they were decreed within the first five books of the Torah.  It is an old tactic which is guilt by association. Therefore, all the confusing and objectionable things that they find in the Old Testament are now directly attributed to the teaching of Jesus.  Regardless, it is the final sentence that should be examined because it conveys a very profound meaning.  In our ordained pathway to spiritual transformation and ascension our righteousness—or understanding and actions by living life within the guidance of spiritual truth—must be greater than those who have become exceedingly familiar with the letter of the law.  We must evolve beyond this limitation.  In many ways, it is exactly what Friedrich Nietzsche had stated in regard to the slaying of the dragon, which in Jesus’ time was a function embodied by the acts of the Pharisees.  For a highly educated, discerning, and evolved human being the written laws are no longer appropriate.  They are too cumbersome, constraining, and wholly inadequate as codes of conduct for a person who is now ascending.

In the future, it is predicted that we will have god-like abilities which we are already in the rudimentary stages of developing. Yet despite these god-like capacities that we are now developing such as creating life, destroying the world, traveling among the stars, and significantly extending our life span, we still have not developed the moral capacities required of a god to safely wield this power.  As Albert Einstein observed, “It is like putting a straight razor in the hands of a three-year-old.”  I see it as far worse, as there are now moral imbeciles that have their hands upon the launch buttons of various weapons of mass destruction.

The old laws remain important because they are based upon universal constants, but we must develop something greater in regards to our morality. Freud identified it as the Superego which he correlated to our source of a moral impulse.  Jung identified it as the higher self which is intimately associated with the Christ archetype.  Perhaps Paul of Tarsus states it best:

Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for he who loves his fellowman has fulfilled the law. The commandments, “Do not commit adultery,” “Do not murder,” “Do not steal,” “Do not covet,” and whatever other commandment there may be, are summed up in this one rule: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Love does no harm to its neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.” (Rom. 13:8-10)

Regardless of how strongly we identify ourselves with a religion, philosophy, or worldview; ultimately it is love for humanity and life which transforms us into a greater state of being.  If the so-called atheist remains true to their alleged principles of universal brotherhood, then eventually they should arrive at the same place as the saints. Unfortunately, this is rarely ever seen for the simple fact that in order to get to this ascended state, a humbling must occur before the revelation of our higher spiritual self. This is extremely difficult for an egoist because there are elements within ego which act in usurping this process. Yet if it can be accomplished, one is no longer an atheist, but simply a human being that now exists within an ascended level of I AM consciousness. Within this state of being one is reconnected with their collective humanity and ultimately in a completed state of fulfillment to their life’s purpose.

Without casting stones or naming names, there will always be a group of those who naturally gravitate towards a negative anti-spiritual polarity.  They are pledged to serve an antagonistic function and are attempting to ascend in a negative fashion. This is extraordinarily difficult and very few are successful at it.  Ultimately, they still serve to assist in our spiritual progression.

Let us hope that in the future many of us will be able to work through our differences, especially for the physicians who have dedicated their lives to educate and heal those who are need of it.  There are tremendous transformations which are now occurring within conventional science that will very soon rewrite our standard approach to many things, including the science of healing.  Should we burying our heads in the sand and hope that we can maintain our conventional practices until we can naturally retire?  Or should we be keeping abreast of these changes and progressive innovative ways of thinking while continuously looking for opportunities to responsibly integrate them into our practice with the patients who resonate well with these more subtle approaches?  I think the answer is obvious.

Although it is difficult at times, we should never forget that service is a privilege. As I have stated within my writing, all of us are karmically linked to this endeavor.  Let us have compassion for each other, do what we can to support one another, and make our life and this world a better place.


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