The Eighth Sphere: Dissension in the Ascension Community

“Despite the fact that there is an overt tendency within the Disclosure and Ascension community to focus upon the gadgets and fantastical technological advancements, it really is a secondary issue. If understood correctly, what the extraterrestrial mythologies are truly about is the expansion of consciousness and is completely analogous to Alchemy and the ancient wisdom teachings which can never be understood through conventional linear logic. One must step out of egotistical life and literally the linear time continuum to seek their own indelible experience. This is the one key factor that all truthful witnesses bear within themselves, and also the one key factor that most of the skeptics lack– which is an experience that they are indeed trying to understand if not judge.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian July 29, 20017

One of the major concepts promoted within the forward thinking community of Disclosure and Spiritual Ascension is a developing intuition of a timeline bifurcation within the evolution of the Earth.  In a sense, we seem to be standing at the crossroads of what direction we will be evolving towards.  What is quite interesting about this concept is the fact that each and every individual must decide for themselves what path is most appropriate for their soul to follow. 

Over a decade ago I had one of my most significant dreams which now in retrospect appears to be addressing this very issue.  This dream occurred at time in my life when I was experiencing a tremendous amount of uncertainty as to what direction my soul should take.  In the midst of this turmoil, I specifically recall saying out loud to my wife (and any spiritual entity listening) right before falling asleep, “That just once I would like to given an answer!”  So, shortly before I awoke that morning I was given the “answer” which has and will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Again, as I and so many others have demonstrated, that as consciousness evolves, our dreams take on greater meaning while becoming significantly entangled within our waking life.  This particular dream demonstrates that our spirit is indeed listening and will expose itself by becoming actively engaged within our life’s struggles when we invite the energies of our higher self for personal guidance.  I have also discovered that invoking this higher spiritual presence isn’t always so obvious and straight forward.  The language of the spirit (at least within my experience) is usually more subtle and intuitive. It speaks in symbols which can take on greater significance as our awareness expands.

Within this early morning vision, I was walking in what appeared to be an eastward direction along a renaissance road, where I came to a horseless cart that resembled a hay wagon in front of an old Swiss chalet at a North-South crossroad that hugged the western bank of a river. This temporarily arrested my journey as I stood there for a few moments contemplating which direction to follow.  Immediately my attention was drawn toward an immense northern Silver Mountain shimmering with what I intuited to be the reflected light of the Golden Sun.  From this mountain stemmed a crystal clear river, the likes of which I had never before seen.  The water was inviting and seemingly effervescent and intoxicating.  I immediately sensed a tremendous, irresistible, and insatiable thirst for it as I became overwhelmed by a vision of submerging myself within its depths, not only to drink it in, but also to inhale it, like a fish, resting deep within this vibrant and restorative liquid sanctuary, at least until its life and power had permeated deep within all of my body’s cells and into the core of my being.

I then visually followed the river away from the mountain, chalet, and crossroad, and watched its path meander southward into a purple-indigo plain of infinity that seemed to form an estuary with the horizon and darkening sky if not the cosmic void of space itself.  It then dawned on me that the river was flowing seemingly in reverse; that is, not from the mountain into the low-land, but from the plain to the mountain.  As I recognized this anomaly, I awoke.

Upon arising I immediately commented to myself, “That’s it? This is your message?! What the hell does this mean?  Yet this was my answer, and although seemingly profound, I became even less certain of its truth or validity when I realized that the water was flowing in the wrong direction.  This anomaly bothered me for quite some time until I discovered that indeed water can flow uphill.  The legends of Jesus’ baptism state that at the moment of his baptism the flow of the Jordan River reversed.   The significance of the water flowing uphill represents the pathway to Christ consciousness, which directly stems forth from this Shimmering Mountain.  This is nothing less that the Logos, Love, Wisdom, and Universal Truth.

And so today, many are now finding themselves standing at exactly the same crossroad deciding what direction to take.  In many ways, it is an accurate metaphor for what the Disclosure and Ascension community is now struggling with as there are some within it that are gravitating towards the Mount dedicated to follow the path in service to others, while there are many individuals moving towards the purple plane of infinite darkness in egotistical isolation.  Their own energies are guiding them.  This is an archetypal process and an ultimate exercise in free will that all worlds evolve through.

Well over a hundred years ago Rudolf Steiner gave detailed lectures about this very issue of spiritual bifurcation. (1, 2)  At the time, he conveyed a vision of an alternative world that was physically being constructed from the sphere of the Earth.  Steiner referred to the Earth as the Fourth Sphere.  Our Earth was ordained to develop within an archetypal process which is guided by free will and spiritual influences.  In our normal or ordained progression we would evolve through seven stages or spheres which he labeled in order as Saturn, Sun, Moon, Earth, Jupiter, Venus, and Vulcan.  Yet in esoteric science it is conveyed by many sources that an Eighth Sphere exists.  In Steiner’s view, the Eighth Sphere was created by the negative energies of Lucifer and Ahriman (Satan) to steal everything that exists within the Earth and compartmentalize it within this hierarchical sphere of isolation.  In a sense, it is a prison where no forward spiritual evolution can take place.  This is very similar to what many are saying today about bifurcating timelines and parasitic negative alien agendas which are usurping and feeding off of human energies. Steiner believed that there were many traps that led to the Eighth Sphere which were employed by these negative beings.

According to Steiner:

Into our Fourth Sphere [our ordained earthly life sphere or pathway] there has been instilled a sphere that is really a Moon Sphere, but is filled with earthly substantiality and is therefore a bogus creation in the universe.  To the seven spheres, an eighth, created in opposition to the progressive Spirits, has been added.” (2)

What is important to understand is that we are ordained to spiritually evolve, even though we have all been brainwashed into believing that our life is just chaotic and that the individual amounts for very little if anything.  Further along in this lecture Steiner conveys to us that the Earth is not what we actually perceive it to be and is permeated by specter-like beings which are actually causing distortions within our reality as we experience it.  He called these distortions “formations” and stated that:

These formations are present everywhere; so to are the specter-like contents of the Eighth Sphere.  These can therefore be perceived just as actual specters are perceived. All earthly being and existence are involved here.  Lucifer and Ahriman strive unceasingly to draw from the Earth’s substances whatever they can snatch, in order to form their Eighth Sphere, which then, when it is sufficiently advanced,  will be detached from the Earth and go its own way in the cosmos together with Lucifer and Ahriman.  Needless to say the Earth would then pass over to Jupiter [Ascended Earth] as a mere torso.  As you know, as human beings, we have an established place in the whole of evolution of the Earth, because we are mineralized through and through.  We are permeated by the mineralizing process that is itself drawn into this battle, so that morsels of this substance can be continually wrested from it.  Therefore, we ourselves are involved in the battle.  Lucifer and Ahriman battle against the Spirits of Form, with the aim of wresting mineral substance from us everywhere.”

It should be noted that within esoteric science, thinking is a process of mineralization.  In a sense this is the basis for the material universe, as modern science is demonstrating that matter exists because of conscious thought.  Further along in the same lecture, Steiner tells us that these negative energies are attacking our consciousness through egocentric thinking within the head, and they are most successful through this approach.  Yet, by intentional design, a counterbalance to this attack has been placed within us which is referred to as the Yahweh principle in which Steiner described as;

Everything that is grounded in heredity, everything that is not charged with thought, that is connected intrinsically to physical nature– that is the Yahweh principle.  The Yahweh principle unfolds its greatest activity where nature is working as nature; it is there that Yahweh has out-poured in greatest measure the love that is his natural attribute, in order to create a counterweight to the lovelessness, the mere wisdom, of Lucifer and Ahriman.

Esoteric science and ancient wisdom convey to us that there can be thinking that is entirely independent upon the head, or neuro-sensory system, which is from the level of heart consciousness.  This level of consciousness exists within the unifying sympathetic principles of Love.  Furthermore, Steiner states that the Love principle was ingrained within the Earth;

And this was achieved through the work of the good Spirits of Form, who implanted the principles of Love into the principle of heredity on earth.”

Therefore the counterbalance to these negative usurping energies is living life through Unity-Christ-Love-I AM Consciousness guided through a growing awareness of our higher self and interconnectedness.  This should come to no surprise to anyone who is becoming attuned to their energetic principles as the importance of grounding one self to the energies of our natural biosphere is essential to the process of healing and ascension.

Recently, there has been a dispute within the Disclosure and Ascension movement in regards to the truthfulness of certain popular if not “key” individuals and their testimonies.  It is interesting how this small community is in itself bifurcating along two distinct pathways.  The criticism comes from people who present themselves as Disclosure supporters but are for the most part journalists and skeptics firmly entrenched within egocentric consciousness.  From this perspective it is impossible to not only fairly judge higher evolved heart based truth, but they are wittingly or unwittingly contributing to the construction of the Eight Sphere.

The recent attacks are on highly respected individuals who are conveying spiritually evolved messages of Unity Consciousness by skeptical journalist who for the most part have not publicly demonstrated the capacity to comprehend this level of wisdom.  In many ways this is a double edged sword.  In the one hand, it may be within their rights to criticize, yet on the other hand, they may be intentionally or unintentionally derailing a movement toward significant positive global evolutionary changes.  It really becomes an issue when criticism acts a vehicle to undermine the free expression of consciousness.  Then the skeptic is functioning as a threshold guardian and an obstacle to conscious ascension.

That said, one must remain cautious in discerning the personal testimony of any individual.  As Jesus told us in the Thomas Gospel;

The pharisees and the scribes have taken the keys of knowledge and hidden them.  They themselves have not entered, nor have they allowed to enter those who were about to come in.  You, however, be wise as serpents and as innocent as doves.” (3)

Although it would be nice to have hard evidence to support an individual’s claim of truth, all physical evidence can easily be tampered with.  It is time to realize that the hardcore tangible “proof” that skeptics are seeking is impossible to obtain through conventional journalistic methods.  I also sense that many of the skeptics are fully aware of this fact and are using it as a tactic to discredit any information that is contrary to their own personal beliefs or agendas.  Although it seems logical that at some point “irrefutable” evidence will be obtained in this fashion, it is unrealistic, and in fact, not productive to be banking upon external linear tangible evidence to change our mind upon issues when it comes to matters of the heart.  Furthermore, we can look upon personal testimony as a vehicle of expansion of consciousness which should not hinge upon tangible proof promoted through the media regardless of how credible the source actually is.  It should go without saying that if we are waiting for personalities within the media to tell us that indeed this fact or testimony is truthful, then truly we will be the last to know.

Despite the fact that there is an overt tendency within the Disclosure and Ascension community to focus upon the gadgets and fantastical technological advancements, it really is a secondary issue. If understood correctly, what the extraterrestrial mythologies are truly about is the expansion of consciousness and is completely analogous to Alchemy and the ancient wisdom teachings which can never be understood through conventional linear logic.  One must step out of egotistical life and literally the linear time continuum to seek their own indelible experience.  This is the one key factor that all truthful witnesses bear within themselves, and also the one key factor that most of the skeptics lack– which is an experience that they are indeed trying to understand if not judge.

Certainly, there will be some “witnesses” who will be making intentionally misleading and deceptive statements. There may be others who are victims of mind control yet truly believe what they are saying.  There is absolutely no way that anyone can objectively prove what someone else is saying is 100% truthful by any linear external means. Furthermore, there is no way that anyone can have a truly objective experience through external means of consciousness as it all has to be filtered through our abilities to sense, process, and express the experience in an infinitely variable way which is directly related to our individual capacities as human beings.

The only truly objective experience that we can have is outside of conventional means in higher consciousness.  If the skeptics within the Disclosure and Ascension community are sincerely looking for validation as to the testimony of others, then they should be actively seeking similar experiences.  As it is said, one cannot judge something that one has not yet experienced.  Hopefully, one maintains the grace to be a good listener and keep an open mind upon the matter because in the end, as always, the tree shall be known by the fruit that it bears.

There is no other way that this process of consciousness expansion and revelation can be expedited unless we willfully turn our attentions towards the source of wisdom in Unity Consciousness.   Those who have come to live from the heart possess the capacities to discern true wisdom in others.   As opposed to the fallen paradigms of yesterday, today there is no longer a higher authority that can act as a proxy to this function.  As I have stated before (see Epilogue in Beyond the Soul’s Meridian) just as we must develop the capacities to discern what Art truly is, we must become our own authority on the ability to understand and identify wisdom.  Both exercises are inseparable.

Furthermore, we will never see Earth within its full potential if we willfully decide to remain within the darkness of the infinite plane of nothingness.  In this limited state of existence we give away our soul, and all that we have, to a world of conflict within the confinements of the Eighth sphere.



  1. Rudolf Steiner, The Significance of the Eighth Sphere, Dornach, October 17, 1917
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