False Ascension, CERN, and Echoes of the Eighth Sphere

“It is suspicious why there are so many within the Ascension community hailing the Earth’s rapid transformation as a positive experience. Furthermore, many believe that we should be bridling this energy and using it to rapidly expand our personal capacities for clairvoyance. Many are referring to this as an “upgrade” in our genetic codes. But at what price? Is it possible that the transformational energy that many are intuiting is being artificially enhanced or manipulated? Coincidentally, this explosion in awareness appears to be directly corresponding to the activities of CERN and are also linked to prominent Earth bound and celestial activities that are now occurring.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian August 13, 2017

At the end of April of this year, I had an experience that I can only categorize as extraordinary.  It occurred while I was at an integrative health conference in California and came from a source that I did not expect.  In retrospect, I realized that I had petitioned a higher realm for something new to occur as I intentionally vowed to myself that I was opening-up to new experiences.  Before I traveled, I had an interesting dream that preceded what was about to take place.  Although very personal in nature, it needs to be shared within the parameters of this discussion. 

Within the dream I found myself in a very familiar church.  Sitting to the left of me was my wife and to the right of me an elderly couple who I respected but only peripherally knew.  They were waiting for someone to join them.  That someone was apparently my higher self.  Now I have had an experience within a previous vision which demonstrated to me the nature of my higher self (see Chapter VIII,  Beyond the Soul’s Meridian, pages 153-159).  The manifestation of our higher self relates to our hidden anima-animus nature which is a manifestation of our complementary hidden energies.  What I initially experienced was almost indescribable, but I came to recognize it as the archetype of Sophia, which is a feminine manifestation of the Logos or Christ.  What I discovered is that our higher self is spiritual in nature and through grace, it manifests to us as the source of our love and wisdom.

Yet, within this subsequent dream I was not in the ascended state that I had experienced before-hand.  Eventually, a woman did present herself which appeared to me as an amalgamation which in part resembled my wife and elements of a soul friend (Anam Cara) who I had worked with many years ago.  This beloved person came up to the elderly couple who were overjoyed to see her, and sat down in-between them.  I too was overwhelmed to see her again, but I did not make an open attempt in doing so because in my physical life, my wife and this person became estranged from one another.  The question if not message that I gathered from this dream was concerning.  This had to do with the possibility that the love and commitment that I have for my wife (who is indeed my soulmate) may be limiting my capacities to know my higher-self.  This observation would be true if the woman in my dream was indeed an accurate representation of my spiritual higher self.

With this dream weighing upon my mind, I traveled to California for the conference.  Eventually I found myself in a conversation with a fascinating woman who I had known through previous conferences, but I had not had a chance to become acquainted with.  This visit was different as there was an energy that was clearly moving us towards each other.  Within a short period of time our conversation moved to the subject of twin flames.

The concept of twin flames is poorly understood and there are many ways one can interpret the meaning.   It is interesting that my most trusted sources for spiritual validation seem to be lacking in what New Age sources convey about the subject.   As I had come to understand it, ultimately it is in relationship to our higher self.  Essentially one must come to experience a union with their higher self within the archetype of a marriage. What we marry is essentially our twin flame, which is the part of us that we have been cleaved from once we entered the physical life (see my discussion on Sophia and the Hieros Gamos, February 2017).  Our higher self is spiritual because it exists within an ascended realm of infinite love and acts as a direct conduit to God-Source.  It loves beyond waking comprehension because we belong to it, being perfectly matched and twined to it.  We are literally betrothed to it.

There is no other human being walking upon the face of the Earth that can love us in the same fashion as our higher self.  All love that exists between two distinct individuals (or souls) is conditional.  The only unconditional love that exists is the love between our individual soul (conscious self) and our higher self or spirit.  The reason is simple.  We are indeed our higher self.  What is also important to understand is that we entangle with other souls.  At higher levels of consciousness, we belong to soul groups which have order and structure.  At the highest levels, we are part of a Universal Human Family and even further, we are connected to all of life.

Those who have gone through this experience of unification have a better understanding of Christ Consciousness and tend to live within an ascended state of awareness.  It is said that even if we do not achieve this sacred union with our inner self, that from a subconscious perspective we still have a sense of what it is.  Therefore, we create unions with others, generally looking for someone who resonates most strongly with the image of our higher self.  Overall, we will come to attract those of similar energies.  If our relationship to our higher self is well defined, we will attract a person of complementary energies.  These relationships are intense and sexually charged.  In my experience, they can be highly intuitive, offering tremendous spiritual insight to both individuals.  These unions are essential in Alchemy and are intrinsic to the Great Work of spiritual ascension, not only for the individual, but the entire biosphere of the planet.  Some even believe that this extends out into the Universe.

These unions can also be used for dark purposes and are the basis for Black Magic.  What determines Black Magic from The Great Work is intention and will.  There can be many pitfalls and snags that one runs into especially when it comes to willfully ascending our consciousness.  I have found that the only way that it works is to maintain balance and a sense of objectivity.  It is said that if one wills their spiritual ascension too harshly, then negative crusader energies could easily be invoked with the intention of derailing any positive advances.  As it is written in the Taoist “The Secret of the Golden Flower”;

The great One is the term given to that which has nothing above it.  The secret of the magic of life consists of using action in order to attain non-action.  One must not wish to leap over everything and penetrate directly.  The maxim handed down to us is to take in hand the work on human nature (hsing).  In doing this it is important not to take the wrong path.” (1)

In some circles, it is said that the path of virtually all magic is a dead end.  The only true magic is Love.  In all ways, we must be guided by this principle. Furthermore, this process of ascension is entangled in all things.  The point of individually evolving our consciousness still rests upon the Great Work of ascending all that is around us.  The foundation of true mysticism is based upon the understanding that the student is not divorced from their karmic responsibilities.  The process itself should not cause a wake of destruction.  If one is a husband, then one becomes a better husband, and so on.  Although many today believe that we are ending karma, this can only occur when we have reached the zero point in Christ Consciousness—when we are in free will led by compassion, hold no grudges and are living from the heart and not the head.

In contrast to my understanding of twin flames, there is a more romantic version based upon New Age mythologies.  These stories led to the foundational teachings of the Theosophical movement and its offshoots such as methods taught by Nicholas and Helena Roerich (Angi Yoga), Alice Bailey (Ageless Wisdom) and Benjamin Crème (Transmission Meditation).  The New Age understanding of twin flames directly connects to the extraterrestrial mythos as it conveys that many of us came from other worlds to experience and help transform the Earth.  These Starseeds voluntarily incarnated into the biosphere of the Earth, and are now karmically entangled within its energies.  In some instances, these incarnations happened during the times of Lemuria and Atlantis.  Generally, it is thought to be for benevolent reasons.  At some point these Starseeds cleaved themselves into two distinct souls which live usually at different periods throughout Earth’s timeline.  This was done to help perfect their imperfections.  Apparently, this is not an uncommon occurrence.   It is said that all of us have a “twin flame” or “twin soul” created in this fashion.  Finding your twin soul in the physical life is unusual if not extraordinary.  That said, if we can extrapolate this idea to a higher spiritual level, then all of us are twin souls.  This is the message in some of the Gnostic writings (the Gospel of Thomas “the Twin”) regarding the teaching of Jesus.

In my life, I have directly experienced both archetypes.  My new friend from California had only experienced it from the New Age perspective.  Within her revelations it was suggested to me that I was from another planet (Venus).  That I had cleaved my soul millennia ago, and that the time was nigh where many souls were now coming together to help achieve the ascension of the world.  As to what exactly I would be doing to help achieve this remains unclear.  It was not the first time that someone had petitioned me to follow this path, as I had heard it all before years ago from my soul friend who I had just dreamt about before leaving home.  All that I could gather was that I was supposed to walk away from my current life and join some type of cosmic battle between the forces of good and evil.  What was even more mind-blowing was that my new friend from California was telling me that she was channeling my higher self in these conversations.  That she was being told by my higher self what to say.  It was quite uncanny because there was an intuitive component to the conversations steeped in intimacy and flattery.

Yet what I was being asked to do was contrary to my experience.  My higher self does not directly speak to me and when it does it is usually within the language of the spirit which is visionary and symbolic.  But then again, I did have that dream.  There was a synchronicity related to all of this.  Yet what the spirit was demanding was very nihilistic.   It felt like I was having a discussion with the god Shiva (the destroyer) which did not resonate well with my soul’s intuition.

So, during that week, on a lovely evening within the garden of an extravagant home of a wealthy elderly couple, I was told that our planet was indeed rapidly changing and that I was desperately needed to unify with my “twin flame” to help save the world.  Arguments were made such as, “If this was your last life on Earth, wouldn’t you feel obligated to have done something to help save it?  Why else would you be here?”  My answer has always been the same.  I am here to bear witness and to offer help to anyone who asks for it.  By design, I literally cannot do anything else other than to be as genuine as possible.  Anyway, it seemed just about too perfect.

Eventually, I concluded that I would offer whatever help I could within the parameters of what I feel I have been ordained to do.  Yet, this was an energetic endeavor where people are literally doing battle head-on with negative forces.  I have no telekinetic capacities.  I cannot meditate in the traditional Eastern sense.  I cannot astral project.  I have no overt capacities for spiritual clairvoyance. So, what am I supposed to do?  Well, some believe that we are to create a union with our twin flame through intimate if not erotic coupling which will have a positive effect upon the world.  I know that this energy can be channeled into higher states of consciousness and healing.  It can even be directed externally for specific purposes.  But who determines where this energy is applied?  Again, these are magical principles which are unsettling.  Who determines which mountain is to be moved?  All actions have positive and negative ramifications.

Screen Shot 08-06-17 at 03.08 PMIn the end, I began leaning towards joining the crusade, that was until I was told that I could rapidly advance my spiritual clairvoyance and energetic capacities if I invoked the assistance of three very specific entities.  The first was the “Fifth Ray” Ascended Master Hilarion.  The second was the “Lord of the World”, Sanat Kumara.  And the third was Serranos(?), a being who I was not familiar with.  This made me even more unsettled, and when I came back from California my thoughts were in disarray.

It wasn’t until later when I came home that I finally recognized that Serranos was Cernunnos, the horned Celtic nature god of death and procreation energies that I finally began to figure it out.


False Ascension

There are many people today who truly believe they are Starseeds, Light Workers, Grid Workers, Wanderers, Old-Souls, and various other archetypes who are willfully here to help save the world.  All of this may be true, but I am not so sure that their actions will prevail.  Like a scene from Monty Python’s Life of Brian, resistance to hierarchy (in this example the Roman Empire) has run aground upon egotistical energies which are divisive in nature.  Many seem to be following their own agendas led by beings or teachings from various aspects of the Universe.  In theory, they are supposed to be unified under the banner of the Law of One.  In some of these accounts, it is reported that there are literally millions living on our planet today that are engaged in these energetic struggles of good vs evil.  I find that number hard to believe unless there is an overwhelming and unifying force that is mobilizing them into action.

Many believe that it is driven by a process which is intrinsic to our planetary system and my friend from California conveyed to me that this is happening at break-neck speed.  Yet the method that many of the participants are employing to rapidly acquire spiritual clairvoyance is based on ancient pagan magical practices.  In a sense, a person gives up their free will to channel and or give life to external entities such as Cernunnos.  In a sense, we must willfully create a Faustian bargain and invoke an entity to use us as an instrument.  It will seek life through us, and in the end, will come to possess us.

Most of the time people have no idea what they have become involved in as they are led to believe that they are doing it all for higher purposes— like saving the world.  Looking at excerpts from the late Benjamin Crème’s Share International’s web site about what Transmission Mediation is, you will find the following:

“The first response to soul contact (whether it is followed up or not) is a desire to serve the world in some way. Transmission Meditation provides a simple, easy form of very potent service to the world which at the same time is an extremely potent, fast method of personal growth. This personal, evolutionary result is a side effect of the Transmission Meditation process.

The Masters have at their disposal tremendous spiritual energies. A major part of the Masters’ work is to distribute these energies in the world to produce the effects, the fulfilment of the Plan of Evolution which They know to be envisaged for this planet. The Masters are the custodians of the Plan and the custodians of the energies which bring about the fulfilment of the Plan. Many of these energies are cosmic in source and if they were released directly into the world they would be too high, and would simply bounce off the mass of humanity.

Transmission Meditation groups act as sub-stations. The Masters send these spiritual energies through the chakras of the individuals in the groups. This automatically transforms the energies, making them more accessible, more usable by humanity. The Masters then direct the energies into the world wherever they are needed.

There are several hundreds of transmission groups, all over the world, and they meet regularly at a particular time and day, whatever is suitable for the individual group. This can be once, twice or three times a week. The groups can be anything from three people upwards. Three people form a triangle; that is the basic group.

It is absolutely safe because it is in the hands of the Masters, the Master scientists of the planet. It is potent, safe and scientific because the real work, the major work, is done for you by the Masters themselves. All that you are asked to do in a Transmission Meditation is to hold your attention at the ajna centre between the eyebrows. That is all.” (2)

Within this method, there is no real work involved other than offering up your soul as a conduit if not a vehicle to the Master’s will—whoever or whatever that is.  Hard work, introspection, contemplation, free will and time to understand all of it are taken out of the process.  It is the same mentality that the transhumanists promote, which is simply to plug yourself into an informational matrix and voilà, you are an ascended being, albeit a cyborg.  Taken within a certain perspective, this method works but the outcome hinges upon the will and the intent of the “Masters”.  Can we ever trust authoritative entities that are outside of our self within different worlds and or dimensions?  Are we still not bound to the Great Work of spiritual ascension which was so perfectly articulated by the incarnated Logos—and if so can it ever be improved upon?

Many are trying but it is impossible for them to find a better way.  The reason is Ego which is where rational linear thoughts exists and where for the most part our soul’s energies resonate.  Furthermore, that was the reason why the Logos incarnated into the physical plane of the Earth in the first place; to understand from a direct experiential perspective what was happening to our world because nothing else for millennia had been working to ascend us out of the chaos and living hell that we had in-part created along with the “ascended” beings that were and are still controlling us.

The Way has been outlined, but for many reasons few are paying attention to it because it is hiding in plain sight to the egotistical, uninterested, and unmotivated.  Furthermore, it has been usurped and debased by invasive entities that are using it to maintain hierarchy and control.  There are also great barriers to this form of enlightenment because before anything else, we must tear down everything that we have been conditioned to believe as truthful.  Shifting consciousness into a higher state brings us into consciousness soul or Christ consciousness which begins when we willfully chose to live life in direct relationship to our higher principles.  In fact, we must subject our Ego to the guidance of our higher inner spiritual authority.  The will of our higher self brings us into alignment with the highest Universal principle that we can experience in earthly life.

Make no mistake.  This is not a passive but an alchemical process.  Although from its most positive perspective, religion can prepare us for ascension, we cannot passively “believe” and “worship” our lives away to get there.  As the Renaissance visionary and alchemist Robert Fludd so accurately conveys;

Christ is the true corner stone of the alchemical temple and also the mysterious powder of projection which transmutes every base substance which it contacts. The unfoldment of the Christ within each human soul is the magnum opus which, when accomplished, elevates the philosopher to the exalted position of a Frater Rosae Crucis or a Knight of the Golden Stone.” (3)

Only within this ascended state can we understand our true relationship between soul, spirit (higher self), and God (Logos).  Anything else outside of this relationship must be questioned as false as there are many entities that are acting as mediators passing themselves off as our teachers, higher self and or God.  If these sources are not teaching us that:

1) God-Christ-Logos is within us.

2) The purpose of all spiritual teaching is to have a direct and indelible experience with our inner higher self within the parameters of infinite love and grace.

3) We must establish a direct relationship with the Logos energy and understand its mystery and our natural bond to it.

4) They are NOT those energies nor are they authoritative masters.

5) We can only ascend in a full state of awareness.

6) Ascension is a willful endeavor that must be initiated by self, for self, through self. No one else can do it for us.

Then they should be considered as false.

Ascension is intimately related to the concept of grace.  Although me must initiate the process, invariable there will be others to help us ascend. Whether these others are teachers either alive or dead, friends, family, lovers, or ascended beings from other worlds, our alignment to them should not be within the realm of worship. At all times, we must remain sovereign and freely share our love and veneration with those who are aligned and living within ascended truth.

It must be understood that that there are usurping entities that habitually deceive us through breaches of trust.  Ahriman (Satan) exists as a binary energy devoid of spiritual consideration.  It is the force behind transhumanism and is manifesting within our world through technology, standardization, and Artificial Intelligence.

Lucifer, which is the bearer of light (spiritual insight), demands worship and still operates under the old pagan practices of master and slave.  Although Lucifer may be more appealing, and many people are willfully following this impulse under the banner of Light Workers, it does not have our best interests at heart and is trying to create a false reality that serves its own interests.

As stated many times beforehand, both energies act as the masters of our Ego and are the actual entities that Jesus Christ confronts during his fast in the wilderness. This confrontation represents elements within our own soul which we must all come to terms with before an ascension into a higher state of existence within free will can occur (see Chapter XI Beyond the Soul’s Meridian Our Earth’s Eternal Struggle: Atlantis and the Origins of Evil, pages 229-238).

As is stated:

Again, the devil took Him to a very high mountain and showed him all of the kingdoms of the world and all of their glory.  All this I will give you if you fall down a worship me.” (4)

The sad reality is many people are finding this offer appealing and taking various versions of this deal.  In fact, through mind control and conditioning within the constructs of our soulless society, you are considered a fool for not making such a “bargain”.  Hopefully, this is a world that many will either come to detach themselves from and or transform.



In 2008 the large Hadron particle collider located in South Eastern France along the Swiss border became operational.  It is also known as CERN, which is a French acronym for “Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire“.  Very little is known or fully understood about the full scope of its function outside of the research scientists who are sequestered away within the bowels of this device.  Officially we are told through CERN’s postings that it is being used to discover the nature of the subatomic realm.  Statements about the discovery of the Higgs-Bosom or God particle, opening portals into alternative dimensions, and the production of anti-matter (which is the most dangerous and unstable substance within the universe) have all officially been made. (5, 6, 7, 8)

The Hadron Collider is the world’s largest machine and can produce extreme temperatures along with massive gravitational fields that are 100,000 x more powerful than that of the earth. (9)  It is truly an awesome and at the same time a fearsome device which is now fully operational and functioning within the Earth’s biosphere without the consent of most people who live upon this planet.

CERN’s relationship to occult ritualistic practices cannot be denied and are indeed intentional to those involved in coordinating this project.  Anyone who believes that the occult and mythological correlations are coincidental is simply blind to the truth of what this device is being used for.

Upon the detonation of the of the first atomic bomb, research physicist and coordinator of the Manhattan Project, Robert Oppenheimer, invoked the passage from the Bagavad-Gita,

Now I am Death [Shiva], the destroyer of worlds.”

Screen Shot 08-12-17 at 11.00 AMThis dark and destructive invocation is intrinsic to this form of science, which is a death cult using CERN as its essential instrument.  It is no coincidence that a two-meter statue of Shiva is the prominent centerpiece of the campus.  Although we are told that CERN is merely an acronym, it is also an invocation to Cernunnos, the Celtic deity whose function is that of the Hindu god Shiva.  In ancient times, Cernunnos was worshipped in that part of Gaul.  Furthermore, elements of the Hadron collider were built upon the site of an ancient Roman temple in honor of Apollo, referred to as an Apolliacum.  This site was also considered a gateway to the underworld. (9)  The Book of Revelation refers to a fallen star from heaven that will be given a key to open the pit of an abyss. (10) What is released from this pit is an astral swarm of locust causing severe distress and torment. The name of the fallen star or “angel” of the abyss is called Apollyon.   Scholars believe that Apollyon is the dark sinister shadow aspect of the god Apollo. (11)

For these reasons and more, there are many people today who believe that there is more to CERN than we are led to believe.  Extrapolations as to its true nature have been made.  A large part of its function is tearing apart or punching holes in the proverbial “veil” that separates the physical world from the astral world.  It is within the astral world where dark enslaving energies such as Shiva and Cernunnos exist.  All black magic taps into and invokes power through this realm.  It is also likely that there are energies masquerading as benevolent “Masters” who are truly a part of this.

It is also postulated that CERN has mass affects upon human consciousness and is being used as a tool to manipulate thought.  My experience with my New Age friend seems to confirm this as I was told that I could rapidly expand my consciousness by invoking the help of a trio of lesser beings which included Cernunnos.

Furthermore, to spin their agenda, there is a public relation campaign employed by CERN to equate its actions with “art”. (12) Many highly intelligent people involved in this project are emphatically pointing out artistic expressions correlating to the effects of CERN.  In what can only be described as a bizarre lecture given on April 25, 2017 at the Center of Contemporary Art in Geneva and sponsored by Arts at CERN, scientist Maria Dimou presents photographs shot by an award-winning artist, Cassandre Poirer-Simon, of ghost images within pictures of the physical world.  She goes to great lengths to explain

Screen Shot 08-05-17 at 12.14 PM

that what is being shown is not a reflection or distortion but indeed a phantom or ghost world within the physical world created by CERN.  Later she explains that the photographs seem to be conveying messages such as “It is the end of the world as we know it and that there is one item left hanging in the air.”  She also stated that many working at CERN are highly devoted individuals who believe that they are building a stairway to heaven.” (13, 14)

As to whether the photographs in this presentation are truly art, is debatable.  Personally, ghost images of artificial constructs appearing within the natural world that I and most of the Earth’s people are attempting to promote and live within are unsettling at best and disturbing at worst.  Although the image appears to be validating the previously discussed concept of the Eighth Sphere, labeling it as “art” is concerning and not within the realm of what I would define it as—although I have not been drinking their same brand of Cool-Aide.

I wish that I could say that this video was a hoax, but it is a genuinely sponsored CERN presentation.


DisCERNment is the Key.

Within the UFO-Disclosure-Ascension community there is an overwhelming consent that we are living in highly energetic and rapidly changing times.  In fact, it is popular to believe that we are living within a period where the Earth is cleaving itself into two distinct timelines. Perhaps it is true.  This overwhelming concern over global transformation is coming not only from virtually all New Age sources but our world’s major religions including the Vatican.  Pope Francis is fully aware that his church has prophesized him to be the last pope.  Furthermore, the Vatican has eyes in the sky in the form of  “LUCIFER” (Large Binocular Telescope Near-infrared Spectroscopic Utility with Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extragalactic Research) watching the heavens in anticipation for the events that are currently unfolding.  Yet, anyone with a pulse and an open mind can sense that change is not just on the horizon, but that we are riding upon its crest.

As to what is driving this transformation is less clear to me than it appears to be for others. Virtually all agree that the energies behind these changes are cosmic in nature and derived from celestial alignments. Furthermore, these energies, which are probably neutral in character, are amplifying and enhancing human consciousness along the same parameters as magic—meaning will and intention ultimately play the greatest role in the overall outcome.  I suspect that there is a cadence within the cosmic cycles of the natural world which allow for the expansion and contraction of human awareness.  From an esoteric perspective, this is academic and well known.

Yet, there may be a false reality which is masking and usurping this process.  Deceptive occurrences may very well be preceding a prolonged natural event.  Esoteric scholarship teaches that the negative energies of Lucifer and Ahriman have very little imagination and act in usurping true spiritual cosmic intelligence.  Therefore, echoes of major shifts in consciousness occur beforehand which are facsimiles to the monumental changes which are spiritually ordained to happen.  If we are to ascend in a natural fashion, then it is very probable that false virtual scenarios will be played out that act as a catalyst for transformation while separating wheat from chaff.

My understand of Ascension is that it will be a long and painful process.  As to how much pain and suffering we will experience hinges upon our capacities to experience this transformation outside of Ego in Christ consciousness.  It must also be conceded that there are very negative and deceptive entities that are attempting to derail the Earth’s ascension and cannot be bypassed by willful conscious endeavors.  They are literally stealing the Earth for their own purposes.  Although many believe that by positive thinking alone they can save themselves and the planet from this fate, they are sadly mistaken.  Ascension will not happen like an egotistically driven Pepsi commercial.  Some degree of birthing pain will be part of the process.

My New Age friend from California conveyed to me that transformation is occurring at a rapidly accelerated rate and suggested that if I didn’t commit to this cause, I was in danger of missing this monumental change all together. “Starseeds must activate” and messages such as this are echoing throughout the entire information community.  Many are hailing this transformation as positive and are stating that the energies are derived from the Sun which is also going through an ascension process.  Keeping an open mind, all of it is within the realm of possibilities.

Yet very few (if any) of these sources are considering probabilities outside of this ascension paradigm.  I am not buying it, and my intuition is telling me to remain still and step back from all the hype and haste.  There are connections to this hype that remain difficult for me to accept.  It remains essential that one continues to keep a hopeful and gracious attitude towards our global events, but are we really under such time constraints?   Anytime someone is forcing us to make an uninformed decision through time constraints, it is usually bad one.  It is an old technique of deception.

In considering what is being conveyed within the community, similarities between a bifurcating timeline and the older esoteric concept of an Eighth Sphere are undeniable.  Further, it appears that we have been presented with pictures of this Eighth Sphere phenomena which come directly from CERN.  Very few people know about this false reality and even fewer can see it in an objective way.  Perhaps the only person in modern history who understood this alternative world in its full scope was Rudolf Steiner.

For those who truly care about humanity and the welfare of our biosphere, pay heed to the warning that Rudolf Steiner conveyed to the esoteric community over a century ago regarding use of magical techniques in exchange for forced ascension of consciousness.  He referred to this as bargaining away our free will in exchange for “visionary clairvoyance.” He goes on to state that everything a person experiences which is derived from this bargain belongs to nefarious beings who are using it as a means of constructing a false reality that we are imprisoning ourselves within.  This is the essence of the Eighth Sphere which appears to be enhanced through activities at CERN.

But the endeavor of Lucifer and Ahriman is to drag the free will, and whatever stems from it, into the Eighth Sphere.  This means that we are perpetually exposed to the danger of having our free will wrested from us and dragged by Ahriman and Lucifer into the Eighth Sphere.

This happens if the element of free will is transformed, for example into visionary clairvoyance. When this happens, a person is already in the Eighth Sphere.  This is a matter that occultists are so reluctant to speak of, because it is an awful, terrible truth.  The moment that free will is transformed into visionary clairvoyance, what unfolds in the human being becomes the booty of Lucifer and Ahriman.  It is immediately captured by them and spirited away from the Earth.  You can see from this how the specters of the Eighth Sphere are created through the shackling of free will.  Lucifer and Ahriman are engaged perpetually in shackling our free will and in conjuring all sorts of things before us in order to tear away what we make out of these things and let it disappear in the Eighth Sphere.” (15)

It is suspicious why there are so many within the Ascension community hailing the Earth’s rapid transformation as a positive experience. Furthermore, many believe that we should be bridling this energy and using it to rapidly expand our personal capacities for clairvoyance.  Many are referring to this as an “upgrade” in our genetic codes.  But at what price?  Is it possible that the transformation energy that many are intuiting is being artificially enhanced or manipulated?  Coincidentally, this explosion in awareness appears to be directly corresponding to the activities of CERN and are also linked to prominent Earth bound and celestial activities that are now occurring.

From as celestial perspective, we have just had a major lunar eclipse, prominent and unusual meteor showers from the Perseids, and a very telling and highly publicized full Solar eclipse completely bisecting the United States on August 21st.  There are also very unusual cosmic alignments on September 23rd of this year that some are interpreting as celestial signs facilitating the incarnation of the anti-Christ.  Traditionally, none of these events were looked upon or hailed as “good” omens, yet there are many people today proclaiming that they are.

From an Earth-bound perspective, there is a ground-swelling of social gatherings within the month of August and September throughout our country, the likes of which we have never seen before. All of this is drawing attention to the transformational shifts in consciousness and social awareness which may indeed be artificially driven or at least augmented by the physical and energetic manipulation of our Earths biosphere through devices such as the Large Hadron Collider which is now online and fully operational during this time. (16)


The Second Coming?

It is essential for us to never forget that our consciousness is directly linked to the energetic frequencies of the Earth and her biosphere.  It is said by clairvoyants such as Rudolf Steiner, that infused within the Earth’s energetic Etheric field, is Christ. This is a fact that Hierarchy is desperately trying to obfuscate.  From a mystical perspective, the Second Coming of Christ has already occurred, and will only occur within the Etheric plane of the Earth.  Any Second Coming occurrence within the physical, no matter how appealing it is to our senses, is false, and will never manifest itself within our best interest.

Again, as Meister Eckhardt so truthfully states, “God and I are one”.  Anything that positions itself between this relationship is attempting to enslave us.  Furthermore, those who believe that they are worshiping any externalized God is worshiping a Luciferic entity.  Many people today are willfully doing this, and are drawing as many others as they can into this abyss.

Christ as the universal manifestation of love, truth and wisdom must be found and understood within this Etheric realm.  As it has been stated, we must come to the Father through the Son within a kingdom that is not within the egotistical physical plane of this world.  This Christos-Sophia energy is working through our higher self and into every individual soul who welcomes it.  The unfiltered teachings articulated and inspired by Jesus are a living testimony to these truthful facts.  If any “ascension” related events, techniques, and experiences are to positively work for us, we will be led through personal discovery to this conclusion.

In the end, it is said that there is no right or wrong to any of our personal decisions as we are selecting what works best for us.  If we choose to serve our own Ego, Lucifer, Satan, an ascended Master, or Christ, it is our own prerogative.  Yet many are being deceived and manipulated. Furthermore, the forces that are behind this are unrepentant and will take from you every single atom of life and strength that you not only willfully give them—but that which they can forcefully extract.

If freely given the choice, I believe that most would rise to the challenges of serving humanity in Christ Consciousness.  Always remember that as a human being you are cherished and a sovereign entity.  Regardless of whatever agreement we have fallen into, contracts are a meaningless tactic used for enslavement.  As any professional will tell you, all contracts are made to be broken.  Even those that are signed in blood.

There is no doubt that in this hurricane which we now find ourselves navigating through, it is easy to get lost, and maybe even easier to drown.  But all is not lost for those who have the wisdom and courage to follow the course guided by the intelligence of their inner heart. For this is the journey that we have willfully given our consent to take into this life.

As for my New Age friend from California and all the kindred spirits within the community of Ascension, blessings and peace. My sincere hope is that regardless of whatever decisions we make in life, we will grow from these experiences and share this hard-earned knowledge within an ascended realm for all.




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