Astraea: The Star Maiden of Virgo

“Divine Justice is the mystery that is conveyed within the Eighth Arcanum which is literally the archetype of Themis echoed within her daughter Astraea. What is essential to understand is the fact that this is the “Eighth” Arcanum. In my previous August post I had discussed what is called the Eighth sphere as an artificial construct or false reality that is engineered by the negative agendas that are ultimately determined by anti-spiritual forces which are not only outside of us but are ingrained within us and constitute the shadow elements of the Ego. Within the parameters of a world driven by service to self, competition, and egotism, there is no possibility for Divine Justice.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian, September 23, 2017

This September is a relatively unique if not extraordinary month of astronomical and astrological activities.  There are many people watching the heavens, including the Catholic Church, who have observed that the 23rd of September 2017 will be a date which will echo the prophecies of the 12th Chapter of the Book of Revelation regarding the birth of a being that will “rule all the nations with an iron scepter.” (1)  Although the opinion from the Vatican confirms that celestial alignments are close enough to correlate to what St. John describes, we are told to take comfort in the fact that this event is not unique and has happened at least four times over the last millennium in the years 1827, 1483, 1293, and 1056.  Apparently, the world will not end, but most people of intelligence are not harboring this apprehension.   Furthermore, the Vatican’s reassurance is a hollow one and does not address the possibilities that some very trying times may indeed lay ahead of us.  The fact is that anyone reading this post knows that we are truly living through a time that is very dark and challenging.    

As I have mentioned many times before, the future is very difficult to determine and at best all we can see are potentials.  Furthermore, once we become cognizant of future potentials they are invariably affected by the consciousness of human beings who are contemplating their outcomes.  In my experience, I find astrology useful in validating what a spiritually evolved person has already intuited but I do not find it very useful in guiding future decisions which are exceedingly difficult to calculate.  I find it best to consider what direction my heart, gut, and spirit are pulling me towards and then contemplate these pathways with the greatest consideration.

As previously mentioned, there seems to be a concerted effort to engineer and precipitate scriptural prophecy through efforts by death cult scientists at CERN in creating a world of distortion and enslavement within what has been mentioned previously as an Eighth Sphere.  There are also those within the Christian community who believe that the moment has arrived when the end time prophecies of Revelation are coming to fruition.  There are also others in the Astrology community who have not seen this for the simple reason that they believe that from an astronomical-astrological perspective, what is happening in the heavens is not quite unique or is not exactly what is being described in Revelation.  That said, many things are happening and we are being told by serious astrologers that regardless of prophecy, we are still living through a unique and highly energetic period which for all intents and purposes is heralding a time of great transformation.

It should also be understood that not everything is bad and I would view prophecy and the goings on in the heavens as catalysts that are impartial to the outcome which is determined to the greatest degree by our consciousness in response to these events.  In what I would consider as a more objective viewpoint on the subject than the one posted by the Vatican, anthroposophical astrologer Johnathan Hilton has been discussing the 2017 fall events in details that are more impartial to scriptural prophecy.  From a zodiacal perspective, we are now witnessing some very interesting celestial alignments that were last seen in 1933 during the rise of Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany. (2, 3)

From an esoteric perspective, clairvoyants (such as Valentin Tomberg and Robert Powell within the anthroposophical community and from the outside Edgar Cayce) have also sensed that a counterbalance to this negative energy occurred through the arrival of Christ in the energetic biosphere of the Earth or what is also known as Akasha or the Etheric plane. (4)   The importance of this event marked the point in human history known as the Second Coming of Christ, which occurred just like Jesus told us—as a thief in the night at an hour that was not expected.  The reason for this occult event is that by convention the coming of the Christos-Sophia cannot effectively occur on the physical plane.  It is still possible that a Second Coming event may occur on the physical plane but whatever person or being who shows up claiming to be the Savior of the world will be just the opposite.

The transformation that we must experience will not and cannot occur on the physical plane within our Ego and the linear time continuum.  It must occur within the interior parameters of each human being who welcomes Christ within their heart.  As we have all been told, we are to seek counsel with God within the deepest recesses of our own room. It is said that through our thoughts and deeds of love, we are all constructing an inner temple within ourselves where this great unification will take place.  From an individual perspective, this union will mark the Second Coming of Christ through our direct experience of Christos-Sophia.

The planet Jupiter is now in conjunction for a third time this year to the brightest star in the constellation Virgo known as Spica (which also happened in January and February of 2017).  Virgo is an earth sign and signifies among many things fertility.  Spica is known as the kernel or the essence of Virgo, therefore the energies of Jupiter are resonating in conjunction with the essence of Virgo.  Jupiter is usually a facilitator and helps things move along in an easy fashion. It is known as the Lord of Abundance. This may indicate that a great harvest is about to occur.

Screen Shot 09-23-17 at 09.49 PMIn opposition to these energies is Uranus which has the potential of rapidly inflating and precipitating a crisis.  Uranus which also manifests technology and extremism, is situated now in Pisces which is the most spiritually evolved of all the signs of the Zodiac.  The glyph of Pisces is an image of two fishes swimming in opposite directions held together by a cord which indicates that there will be an option of two different spiritual streams of consciousness that we can take.  One could think of this as Eastern and Western philosophies, Heretical and Canonical, Feminine and Masculine, Lightness and Darkness, Ahriman and Lucifer, etc.  It is always important to remember that it is the balance of these two streams that is the goal and where ascended I am Christ Consciousness is achieved.

Furthermore, the deep dark energy of the planet Pluto recently has been squaring Jupiter and Uranus which usually exposes problems and triggers deep contemplation regarding crisis which will demand action.

These cosmic alignments appear to be validating what many persons today are already intuiting, which is that we are at a spiritual crossroad or bifurcating timeline as some have described it.

These energies are also important to understand from a mythological perspective. The constellation Virgo is intimately related to the goddess Astraea who to the ancient Greeks was the daughter of Zeus and Themis.  Themis was not a goddess but a Titaness who is represented as a woman holding the Scales of Justice.  Her daughter Astraea is depicted in the same fashion and among many functions serves as the bearer of divine justice.  It is said that she was the last of the gods to leave Earth.  She left because human consciousness had fallen so greatly that the chaos they had created was too much for her heart accept.  It was believed that when she left the Earth, she became the constellation of Virgo.  I like to think that Astraea’s energies are part of Virgo’s celestial body along with her kinship sorority including Nemesis, Dike, Demeter and Persephone, which are in their summation Isis-Sophia energies.

When Astraea left the Earth, the Scales of Justice which she had carried for millennia were no longer within her possession and now reside seemingly disconnected from her within its own astrological boundaries of Libra.  One could easily observe today that this divine wisdom is no longer part of our modern system of “justice.”

The positioning of Astraea’s father Jupiter to Spica is quite a natural fit and does not necessitate a negative or evil outcome. In fact, one could see it as quite the opposite.  To see this outcome, we must consider Astraea restored to her full capacities, as she represents in her state of wholeness the Eighth Arcanum of the Tarot known as Justice.

Divine Justice is the mystery that is conveyed within the Eighth Arcanum which is literally the archetype of Themis echoed within her daughter Astraea.  What is essential to understand is the fact that this is the “Eighth” Arcanum.  In my previous August post I had discussed what is called the Eighth sphere as an artificial construct or false reality that is engineered by the negative agendas that are ultimately determined by anti-spiritual forces which are not only outside of us but are ingrained within us and constitute the shadow elements of the Ego.  Within the parameters of a world driven by service to self, competition, and egotism, there is no possibility for Divine Justice.

Screen Shot 09-23-17 at 10.02 PM

If you look closely at the depiction of the Arcanum of Justice (posted at the beginning of this discussion) you can see that there is a representation of linear time signified by an hourglass.  One can also see how Justice is flanked by two pillars which are divine symbols from the Temple of Solomon known as Joachim (Mercy) and Boaz (Severity).  The key to understanding these pillars is to contemplate the Tree of Life of the Qabalah.  Joachim constitutes masculine light forces of which Jupiter is a part of.  The energies of Boaz constitute dark forces of which Saturn is a part of.  Like the symbol of the Tao, the pillars represent universal duality as we must come to experience it within our physical world of linear time.

The great mystery of the Qabalah is to strive for balance which can only exist within the middle pillar where not only Christ consciousness but divine justice and sophic wisdom reside.  From an anthroposophical perspective, it is finding equipoise between the dark enslaving forces of Ahriman and the egotistical light forces of Lucifer.  This can only occur when all energies are balanced and we have reached the zero-point. This is also the point where we have faced our karma and have accepted the possibilities of all that we can be through the wisdom of divine guidance.  At this point, our soul is bridging the past, present and future as linear times ceases to exist and not only Christ consciousness but Divine Justice emerges.

Screen Shot 09-23-17 at 09.59 PM

In Gnostic scholarship, there is a consideration for the existence of a positive Eighth sphere. This is known as the Ogdoad which is a hidden or non-existent sphere of consciousness that could be achieved before one reaches the limits of the heavenly realms.  The mystery of the Qabalah conveys this information because within it exists a hidden sphere.  The origins of this hidden sphere may very well come from a planet that no longer exists called Maldek who goddess was Tiamat who is believed to be the representation of goddess Isis-Sophia (See Beyond the Soul’s Meridian, Chapter 13 Ascension, pages 259-264).  Gnostic scholarship equated Sophia to the Eighth Sphere.

Regardless, there is a null energy within the Tree of Life referred to as Da’at that can manifest itself when all energies are balanced.  The mystery if not the magic behind this endeavor is to manifest that which has been lost within our consciousness and to invite Astraea back into our life if not resurrect her within an ascended realm of cooperation, compassion, peace, fairness, and respect for Divine Justice.

It is imperative to understand that we will never succeed in our ordained transformation unless Astraea and all the elements of the Divine Feminine return to our presence.  It is only within an ascended state of Christ consciousness that Justice can be re-instated.

Let us take the opportunity within this time of great transition to seek balance within the middle pillar.




(2) (Johnathan Hilton, Jupiter Meeting Spica)

(3) (Johnathan Hilton, Jupiter and 1933)

(4) Edgar Cayce, 5749-4 August 6, 1933:

(Q) Is Jesus the Christ on any particular sphere or is He manifesting on the earth plane in another body?

(A) As just given, all power in heaven, in earth, is given to Him who overcame. Hence He is of Himself in space, in the force that impels through faith, through belief, in the individual entity. As a Spirit Entity. Hence not in a body in the earth, but may come at will to him who WILLS to be one with, and acts in love to make same possible.




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