“My experience within esoteric science has conveyed to me how our egotistical nature consistently wants to place the cart before the horse. We want to know about cosmology before we even have an accurate worldview. We want to know about the nature of Lucifer before we have come to a truthful understanding of our own self. This is an essential element of Lucifer, which is to offer advanced knowledge to beings that are not yet fully capable of assimilating it and by doing so become enslaved to the source of this information.

The value of Lucifer becomes far more relevant when we investigate the meaning of this archetype as it relates to us from a personal and visceral level. We must train ourselves to view Lucifer not as a separate entity to be feared and/or worshiped, but as an element of our self to fully comprehend.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian October 18, 2017

One of the most important concept within our mythologies is the fall of mankind.  This can be viewed as our descent into the material realm, the emergence of our Ego, and our self-inflicted violation of the soul.  What is essential to keep in perspective is nothing within our human experience is a mistake as much as it is a self-correcting and evolving process of making mistakes and learning through the consequences of those actions.  This process has been accelerated by the presence of fallen beings that have chosen to directly influence and rule the lower realm of existence that as incarnated human beings we are now living within.  All of this is an exercise in free will and no one participating in this perpetual drama is performing in it without their consent.  Virtually everything that we experience is the fruit of our labor.

The most infamous of these fallen beings is Lucifer which means the light bearer. In celestial terms, Lucifer is a reference to the Morning Star which heralds the rising of the Sun.  This heavenly body is generally considered to be the planet Venus. It is also known as the Evening Star heralding the setting of the Sun.  Not only is Lucifer the light bringer, but paradoxically he is also the light detractor.  Lucifer’s association with the planet Venus is intimately related to the goddess energies of the divine feminine. Above all else, Lucifer is a fallen angel.

There is a band of brothers, in fact a myriad of other beings, which constitute the fallen angels that are attempting to live within and rule our Ego and the shadow side of life.  It could be said that our mythological narrative begins with Lucifer who is the Father and Lord of the shadow elements of the human Ego.  Ahriman (Satan), whose celestial association is related to the enslaving energies of the planet Saturn, is also essential to these shadow elements but acts as a counterbalance to Luciferic energies.   Although there are many other manifestations of the shadow, these two forces are critical to understand.  The reason for their importance is that they are the primary shadow forces that Christ Jesus encounters within the temptations in the wilderness that are described in Matthew (see Beyond the Soul’s Meridian, Chapter XI, pages 229-234).  These shadow forces are archetypal to all human existence.  Regardless how frightening or preposterous it may seem, it is critical at this point in our soul’s journey to recognize and understand how these energies are dramatically affecting us.

Within Qabalistic terms, Satanic energies would align with the left sided pillar known as Severity, while the right pillar energies known as Mercy are aligned to the energies of Lucifer (See September 24, 2017 post Astraea: The Star Maiden of Virgo in Beyond the Soul’s Meridian).  The dark, negative, inhuman, and nihilistic energies of Satan are obvious to identify.  While Luciferic elements can be far more appealing and are less apparent. The reason is that Lucifer appeals to our Ego which most us are living within.  Lucifer’s energies have the effect of “liberating” us from energies of Satan/Saturn.  There is no question that what Lucifer offers appears to be “freedom” in contrast to Satan’s darker enslaving energies—and to a greater degree presents to us a better state of existence.  But it is also likely that without fully understanding the dynamics of these energies, we will find ourselves being craftily steered into a golden cage.

Legends convey to us that Lucifer’s origins are ancient and are millions if not billions of years old.  He is the essential being that fell consciously from grace.  He is the archetype that establishes the basis of an individual sense of self.  He is the rebellion against the wholeness of Michaelic love and light which he believed was self-appointed and enslaving.  He establishes a contrast to the universe in dedication to living in Service to Self, and in doing so expands the lower levels of universal existence.  He is the lord of these lower realms and the shadow energies within us.  For better or worse he is Ego.

Lucifer is intimately related to humanity which is itself partially separated from Universal Source. He is the principle archetype of separateness allowing us to be our own god and creating our own realities without spiritual guidance.  Therefore, there are countless legends that are grandiose and trivial, ancient and modern, terrestrial and extraterrestrial, describing the rise and downfall of his endeavors, which as human beings living within the lower realms of existence are part of us.  He appears to be at the beginning of universal linear time or at least at the beginning of individuated consciousness within the lower realms.  Rudolf Steiner suggested that he even incarnated into an earthly life 4000 years ago as the emperor of China, Yu the Great. (1)

Within every single story that he inspired, there is ultimately a rise and downfall which indicates that virtually everything that we do through force of will separated from the Universal Source is impermanent and inferior to that which can be created in sympathy to the energies of the Logos.

There are some sources suggesting that Luciferic energies can survive through the thought of others.  Hence, a hierarchy was created with the intention that the fallen angels could survive through the thoughts of the lower human beings that they abuse and enslave.  Deception played upon humanity is a major element to the survival of these beings.  But it can also be intentional on the part of humanity.  In magic, this is analogous to what is known as an egregore, which is an energetic being created through the communal mind.  This is the essence of ceremonial magic and sorcery and why beings such as Lucifer and Satan are so intrinsic to these practices.

Through millions if not billions of years of separation, these fallen entities which were precipitated from the spiritual realms have become isolated to the degree that they no longer can utilize or even know the spiritual source from which they were derived.  Because of this separation they have fallen into a state of forgetfulness which seems like mental illness to beings that have not experienced this loss, or who have rediscovered their spiritual interconnectedness:

The Luciferians were aligned down to the Creation and not up to the Creators. Creation in and of itself has no spiritual factors. Spiritual factors are actions in Consciousness through the Christ frequencies of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter which are felt as feelings in your Substance factor. Because the Luciferians were aligned downwards to Creation they were devoid of all spirituality of any kind. Because they were also cut off from all normal Substance frequencies, they had no feelings at all and lost all sense of Christ love and service in recognition of equality towards others.

Consequently, without remorse, they embraced the very disharmonious Draconian style practices of war, slavery, usurptive laws, totalitarian governments, and mind control over others as the means for providing abundant Nplus static material for their illusionary form of supposedly permanent materializations.” (2)

Although Luciferic cosmology may be fascinating, the details have been lost to the ages and are riddled with distortions which are intrinsic to lower human consciousness and our imperfect capacities to express higher truth within our lower realms of awareness.  It must be conceded that the circumstances of our current state of consciousness dictate that an exact and detailed history of Lucifer is difficult to prove and is not productive in a broader sense of understanding the meaning of the Luciferian archetype.  Furthermore, it is within these details where the Devil exists; where meaning becomes clouded; and where consensus becomes impossible to attain.

My experience within esoteric science has conveyed to me how our egotistical nature consistently wants to place the cart before the horse.   We want to know about cosmology before we even have an accurate worldview.  We want to know about the nature of Lucifer before we have come to a truthful understanding of our own self.  This is an essential element of Lucifer, which is to offer advanced knowledge to beings that are not yet fully capable of assimilating it and by doing so become enslaved to the source of this information.

The value of Lucifer becomes far more relevant when we investigate the meaning of this archetype as it relates to us from a personal and visceral level. We must train ourselves to view Lucifer not as a separate entity to be feared and/or worshiped, but as an element of our self to fully comprehend.

Lucifer as Savior

There are many religions that view Lucifer as a Savior entity. Gnosticism viewed Lucifer as a light bearer who brought mankind out of bondage.  Esoteric societies such as Theosophy and Anthroposophy had similar viewpoints and understood that to expand consciousness required Luciferic energies.  Gnosis, which is knowledge of the inner self, is Luciferic.  In Mormon cosmology, it is understood that the fall of mankind was necessary in our process of spiritual progression.  In Jungian psychology, Luciferic energies tend to be introverted spiritualism and align with the feminine.  The key to receiving this energy is to use it in balancing our extroverted rational materialistic tendencies which are in masculine alignment. Again, as was discussed in September’s post, our goal is to balance these energies in the middle pillar which is impossible today for any rational egotist to accomplish without a healthy degree of Luciferic influences.

When this energy is not properly balanced, problems will inevitably arise.  Manipulation is easily done through deception that has been ingrained within our psyche for millennia.  It is presented to us as the duality of good versus evil with an illusion of choice.  In reality, it is distortion versus distortion.  Imbalance versus imbalance.  A really bad and painful life versus one that is seemingly not so bad and not so painful.  Both paths do not respect the individual’s capacity to live in freedom as both choices will lead to a condition of slavery.  A recent vision exposes this game that has been played against us since the beginning of human consciousness and the rise of the individuated Ego.

I found myself walking an exceedingly familiar pathway behind my Father’s house.  This pathway led to a shallow stream which flowed past a cliff that was beckoning to be explored.  This pathway was exceedingly familiar and I began arguing with myself that although I could not remember walking this path in my physical life, I had the sense that I had walk it many times beforehand within the dream state.  I even felt that the dream state was a greater reality than my waking state.  Within this state of consciousness, I could not convince myself that it was just a dream.  Despite the fact that the pathway, river and cliff were so familiar, I encountered a series of caves embedded within the cliff on the far end of the river’s bank that I had never explored.  This inspired me to cross the stream and enter the cave.

Upon entering, I noticed that this cavern was quite expansive with many generous spaces carved into the stone walls.  The interior was illuminated by candles and it had the feel of an old-world cathedral with many interior sub-chapels, alcoves, and niches.  All the spaces were filled with religious artwork.  Upon closer inspection, these depictions had a very sinister feel to them.  It was clearly a place of worship, but one that I not familiar with.  As far as I could determine, this church appeared to be abandoned. 

I hastily left this edifice and returned to my Father’s house to gather my family and to show them what I discovered.  When we arrived back to the cavernous cathedral I discovered that there were now many people who were gathering within it.  In one of the chapels a service was beginning and we found our way to the pews just as the priest was initiating the service.  He was very handsome and charismatic.  Dressed and bejeweled in ministerial opulence with a choir wearing the same regalia singing, signifying and praising every word he was preaching.  His gospel was quite an impressive spectacle against the evils of Satan and through his poetic and lyrical teaching backed up by the power of his choir, the glory of the robes, and their synchronous gyrations, those participating in this service were being manipulated like a cobra to a snake charmer.

His tone then switches into a higher octave and we now are told that the only way that we can be saved from the evils of Satan is through the redemptive energies of the Lord and Savior.  This magnificent soul is the only way to redemption.  More singing and praising to this glorified being and then finally he gets to the punch line—although I had already figured it out before he said it.  The Lord and Savior that he was glorifying was Lucifer.  If nothing else he was being brutally honest.  Money was then collected and before the service ended I mustered my family and existed the cathedral back to my Father’s home.”

For many of us, we are taught to believe that there is an exalted being who will save us from our own dark natures, and all we must do is believe in his power and magnificence.  An infrastructure developed rapidly around this entity which amassed a tremendous level of power and influence.  It became an exclusive club that established an outer and inner sanctum distinguishing itself from the rest of humanity.  To be a member of this society all one has to do is worship this being, obey his laws, and help fill his coffers to finance his (church’s) endeavors. As the dream conveys, this being is Lucifer.

Esoteric wisdom sources convey the meaning of Jesus’ crucifixion as he is juxtaposed between two other individuals that history records as the Good and the Bad Thieves. There are some sources which suggest that the redemptive soul is aligned with Lucifer and that the non-redemptive soul with Satan.  This suggests that Lucifer has the potential of redemption, and as egotistical beings, we must all be redeemed through a process of spiritual ascension.

Furthermore, there are wisdom sources which suggest that there were two plans to redeem humanity which were represented by Lucifer and Christ.  Lucifer’s plan involved obedience and worship to his intelligence and insight.  This led to secret rituals, exclusivity, and submission to hierarchy. That is not to say that this was a mistake or an unnecessary step in our evolution.  It was necessary, but ultimately it is not the goal.

Looking at the Luciferic relationship to modern religion in a more evolved way, we might be compelled to ask questions such as who or what is demanding this obedience to doctrine?  Did Jesus demand worship?  Did his disciples worship Him? What was the goal of His teaching?  What religion did Jesus follow?

Simply regarding the advice that Jesus has given us through the testimony of those who knew Him well, we can begin to see a picture that does not reflect the majority of current Christian doctrine.

We are told that we can blaspheme against both the Father and the Son (with impunity) yet we will be forgiven.  The only unforgivable sin is transgression against the (Holy) Spirit.  We are taught not to worship engraved images. Jesus instructs those with Him not to tell about His healing endeavors as this practice was intended to be performed anonymously and quietly.  We are told that if we can come to fully comprehend what He was attempting to teach us, then we will go on to do greater things than He has accomplished.  In the Gospel of Thomas, he asks the disciples who He is and it is Thomas who comes to the correct conclusion.  What He conveys to Thomas establishes what is known as the Twin tradition, meaning that we all have the same potentials as the teacher of these greater truths.

I believe that the correct attitude towards Jesus is outside of the boundaries of worship because this excludes the sense of unity and brotherhood that He was attempting to foster.  His intelligence is conveyed to us through our higher self/spirit which manifests itself to us as love and grace. Rejecting this is really the only unforgivable sin, yet it is a form of self-inflicted misery that can be corrected or redeemed by understanding that we are designed to live within spiritual unity.   There is no separation that exists between our soul and Christ as this presence is imbued throughout our spirit.

As previously stated, Lucifer exists through the thought forms of others and many have intentionally made him our slave master by serving the will of their Ego. In living a life devoted to selfish interests and egotism, we can still be given absolution through the church that the Lord of Ego (Lucifer) has not only usurped but has established through the power of the Roman Empire.

It becomes imperative that an enlightened soul evolve out of the parameters of conditioned worship.  There is no longer any external entity that can fulfill our connection to God. As previously stated (see Beyond the Soul’s Meridian, Chapter XII, pages 251-254) we are approaching an Age when we can no longer come to the transcendent through externalized worship.  The church that we must established is through every living soul and this edifice is constructed through our own loving thoughts and deeds in a life that is devoted in service to others.

Jesus was not a member of any religion and the accounts of clairvoyants confirm this.  In a series of lectures given by Rudolf Steiner on the life of Jesus known as the Fifth Gospel, we can see how He literally exhausts all forms of religion and philosophy in His pursuit of truth. (3) Becoming exceedingly familiar with doctrine, greater truth is established through His own observations and spiritual encounters.  We are to take that same path in establishing what appears to be a paradox.  We will not be a part of any formal religion, yet we will live through the same universal principles of the Logos which guided Jesus and in doing so become imbued by spiritual guidance and understanding through a living relationship with our higher self.

Lucifer will still be part of this but what we will have come to discover is that this impulse will no longer rule over us.  We will live no longer in service to Ego, but a life where Ego serves us.  The simplest way to express this is by living a life guided by the intelligence of our heart (spirit) and not exclusively by the linear rational intelligence of the head (Ego).

Lucifer and Magic

There are a significant number of people within the esoteric community who believe that they can safely navigate and even incarnate Luciferic energies for their own empowerment and the benefit of humanity.  This is popular in New Age thinking and is inspired by ancient ceremonial magic.  By willfully becoming a vessel for an exalted Luciferic entity, they believe that they can catalyze the global shift in consciousness that many people today are breathlessly waiting for to happen.  This is a fallacy and will lead directly into a golden cage of enslavement.  Again, as Rudolf Steiner has warned us, exchanging our free will for visionary clairvoyance only enhances a false reality which he called the Eighth Sphere that is a spiritual dead end ruled by our lower enslaving forces of Lucifer and Satan.

Adding to this discussion, I would like to consider a dream which begins in a circular stream of consciousness in a familiar dark Southern forest with swamps and large growth trees.  I was not completely sure what I was searching for but I had the sense that I was trying to elicit a new experience to radical change my life.  Perhaps a new direction of path.

Eventually, I found myself standing in a shallow cavernous pool involved in a dark ritual to elicit the presence of something powerful.  A sacrifice seemed to be required and I can recall choking the life out of something.  That something was either an animal, dragon, or even a person, but it did not appear as any of these being as I was going through the motions of ending its life.  What I saw between my hands was a vessel that contained an elixir of vibrant liquid that represented the life force of this entity.  I eventually succeeded in breaking it open and in the process bathing myself in its cool crystal clear ethereally charged liquid. At that moment I felt a surge of power and at the same time a cold isolation of who I was before I committed this deed. 

Looking up at the entrance of the cave against the backdrop of a dimly lit night sky, I saw a dark primordial being.  It appeared coarse and shadowy suggesting to me a fearful ancient Babylonian serpent god.  At that moment, it felt like I had been gutted, sacrificed on an alter and my heart removed.  While beholding the beast, there was a sense of fear, but it was not overwhelming nor unfamiliar.  There was a sensation that I had crossed a threshold and stumbled into an isolated wilderness that I had no interest being within.  I kept thinking throughout the dream, “Why do I want this?”  Later, I came to realize that I was being shown something that I needed to understand.

This being was now part of me.  Perhaps it always was as the ritual may have only summoned the beast into consciousness.  But now I was empowered by the beast’s presence and doors began opening rapidly.  People became interested in what I had to say.  Immediately, I was given an opportunity to speak on a world stage through a mass media platform, seemingly unprepared.  I kept questioning my capacity to speak on this venue yet I was assured that what I was about to do was effortless on my part.  Still, I could not understand what I could possibly be saying that would be so interesting?  So, the moment came what I had my chance to speak to the world.  As the broadcast began, what I saw appearing upon the screen was not myself, and the words that I was speaking where not my words.  I was merely a vessel if not a puppet for a being of incalculable intellect and beauty that was now living through me.  Yet, I sensed that I remained completely separated from him.   

This being’s appearance was masculine and very fair.  He reminded me of a young charismatic Richard Burton, only more energetic and refined.  He proceeded to give the world a monolog addressing the fallacies of every philosophy and religion known to man.  He pointed out their weaknesses with astounding intellect, creativity, and humor.  His logic, timing, and delivery were perfect and he even had me convinced that everything we thought we understood as truth was exposed as false and incomplete.  In fact, everything we were now endeavoring upon was wrong.  As a world, we were rudderless and appeared to be steering into an inevitable disaster. 

He then disengaged from his exposition, and a dialog ensued between those who had listened.  The instant and overwhelming consensus was that we needed this being to lead us.  He was our only answer and he appeared to be Godsent. Through all of this I could sense that he was really playing us.  Initially, he was refusing to step into this role as our world leader.  But the audience was insistent, pleading and begging him to save them all from themselves and the inevitable disaster that their logic and actions have been leading them to.

In the end he feigns to be overwhelmed by this stunning outpouring of admiration and humbly consents to be our “Savior”.  It was exactly what he had calculated and ultimately desired. Power, recognition, admiration, love, and obedience to his superiority.  It is also what we have been pre-loaded to seek.  For many, this relationship is exactly what their soul has been waiting for and what they have been conditioned to accept.  This relationship is a facsimile which is very close to our ultimate truth, making it very comfortable, if not irresistible, to embrace.

In the wake of this “ascension”, I saw how this being effortlessly stepped into a position of power while lesser persons scrambled to become closer to his presence. Many fell by the wayside and some were in one way or another eliminated.  As his indispensable lackey, my presence was steadfast and as this competition for his favor ensued, I was drawn closer in, even though I was simply his vessel to be used. 

Eventually, I tried to distance myself from his presence and took to searching the hidden places of my dreams to escape this iniquity.  But everything had been altered by his presence, including the sacred places of my dreams.  I discovered that there was no place to run to, and inevitably, I awoke.

Although this vision is a warning against this type of acquisition of knowledge through dark ritualistic/ceremonial practice, there are a fair amount of people on the earth today that would look upon this experience as a blessing.  It has become part of our conditioning, which is to attain supersensible powers with minimal effort and preparation.  Again, a very Luciferic and superficial approach to the “ascension” of consciousness.  Our modern mythologies not only promote this scenario but sell it as wildly popular entertainment.

Today, the sad reality is that the average person has been conditioned to seek something for nothing.  To reflexively take the path of least resistance.  To sell-out principles for the greatest amount of material wealth and influence.  It is a Faustian bargain that is being struck and the person who is making it is being deceived because the wealth that they possess is invaluable to what these deceptive beings can offer them–even if they are Ascended Masters and claim their beneficence. This incalculable wealth that we hold is our life which constitutes body and soul and the freedom to live it as we see fit.  This is indeed our greatest possession.  How many times must we be reminded of this?

It is said within our modern mythologies that it is quite an achievement to live a life as a human being on this earth and there are many more souls than bodies waiting for the chance to incarnate into this plane of existence.

This vision is also a warning against the false messiah which I believe will inevitably make its appearance.  Many have been conditioned to accept this as a physical event.  Fortunately, there are also many who are wary of this potential scenario.  Regardless, if it happens, it will be almost irresistible for even highly intelligent and skeptical persons to deny the truth of this being because it will appear in the flesh, appeal to Ego, and will pacify any doubts as to its intelligence and superiority.  It will appear to us as a god and it will be extremely difficult not to resist, especially for people who have been trained to follow those with the highest academic rank, power, and/or influence. For these reasons, this being will appeal to the religious and skeptics alike.

The counterbalance to this temptation is to discover truth through our own volition.  We must continually prepare ourselves to meet the highest truth which will be mediated through dialogs and interactions with our higher self/spirit.  It is within this realm where we will discover unconditional love and grace, and where we will encounter the living energies of the Christos-Sophia.  Rudolph Steiner ultimately equated this to what he called the “Damascus” event.  He believed that all should have an epiphanic experience which demonstrates to us these greater truths.  This will not and cannot be facilitated by an Ascended Master or some “greater” being outside of our soul-spirit matrix.  Despite their claims, anything that stands between our consciousness (soul) and higher self is a deceptive and usurping entity.

The importance of understanding Lucifer and his legions, and how they appeal to our luciferic tendencies cannot be over emphasized.  In a lecture given by Rudolf Steiner (Heidelberg, January 27, 1910) he warns us of the potential danger of not developing our capacities to sense beyond the physical.  If this is not achieved there is a very real threat of missing the energetic Second Coming of Christ and being seduced by a false messiah.  This appears to be happening to us now, and I can honestly state from direct experience that no group, organization, society, or religion is safe from this outcome.

When we speak in this way, we feel what anthroposophy should and can mean to us, how it should prepare us to fulfill our task by seeing to it that a sublime event such as this not pass humanity by, leaving no trace behind. If it were to pass without leaving a trace, humanity would forfeit its most important possibility for evolution and would sink into darkness and gradual death. This event can bring light to human beings only if they awaken to this new perception and thereby open themselves also to the new Christ event.

This will be repeated again and again in the near future; at the same time, it must also be stated repeatedly that the false prophets would be able to prevent the good and the great were they to succeed in spreading the opinion that Christ would appear again in the flesh. If anthroposophists were to fail to grasp this, it would be possible for them to fall prey to that illusion that would enable false messiahs to arise. These false messiahs will appear; they will count on souls that are so weakened by materialism that they cannot imagine anything but that when Christ appears again, He must necessarily appear in material substance, in the flesh. This misinterpretation of the prophecy is an evil thing, and it will appear in the form of a dangerous temptation for humanity. It is the task of anthroposophy to protect human beings from this temptation. This cannot be emphasized too strongly for all who have ears to hear. We can see by this, moreover, that anthroposophy has important things to say; we do not merely “pursue” anthroposophy because we are curious to know all kinds of truths but because we know that these truths must be used for the salvation and gradual perfecting of humanity.” (4)

All I can add to this is “Amen.”  We are truly living in strange and prophetic times.


Lucifer and Redemption

Redemption, even for Lucifer is possible.  In many ways he is more like the Prodigal son. He is master of Ego and therefore part of our own nature.  In our physical life, we cannot distance ourselves from his presence just as we cannot distance our soul from our higher self.  In fact, it is more difficult for modern people to separate from their Ego than it is from their own higher self.  Some say it is impossible and we cannot become egoless as it is ingrained and constitutes our psychologically matured soul.  Without Ego, one becomes thoughtless and even to a certain degree soulless.

There are countless numbers of myths that exist about this exalted being known as Lucifer.  In the Bible, he is generally considered the tempter of mankind.  Meister Eckhardt stated, “Lucifer, the angel, who is in hell, has perfect intellect and to this day knows much.”

Perhaps the greatest expert on this subject, the ceremonial magician Aleister Crowley, tells us in his Hymn to Lucifer how mundane life would be without him.

Ware, nor of good nor ill, what aim hath act?
Without its climax, death, what savour hath
Life? an impeccable machine, exact
He paces an inane and pointless path
To glut brute appetites, his sole content
How tedious were he fit to comprehend
Himself! More, this our noble element
Of fire in nature, love in spirit, unkenned [lacking in passion]
Life hath no spring, no axle, and no end.

His body a bloody-ruby radiant
With noble passion, sun-souled Lucifer
Swept through the dawn colossal, swift aslant [to slant across]
On Eden’s imbecile perimeter.
He blessed nonentity with every curse
And spiced with sorrow the dull soul of sense,
Breathed life into the sterile universe,
With Love and Knowledge drove out innocence
The Key of Joy is disobedience.”

Crowley’s insight conveys to us that without the creative energies of Lucifer, we are dead inside. Mere machines at worst to slaves at best, and blames an enslaving puritanical society for this predicament.  Even as a child I intuited that living a life of dutiful “goodness” would be exceedingly boring as I recall looking at illustrations of angelic beings floating for eternity on clouds and strumming lyres.  My sincere hope was that this was not the fate that awaited me in the future as this concept of “heaven” was frightening to me.

Crowley has a point, but the injustices that his poem address are not spiritual, they are anti-spiritual that have over time usurped our relationship to our own higher self.  What he is rebelling against is evil in a contrasting form to Lucifer.  It is an effective ploy that these deceptive entities utilize in driving us from one extreme to another.  As Crowley frames it, you can choose bland puritanical doctrine or visionary spiritualism.  There is no in-between offered. Again, it is within the balance of opposing energies in the middle pillar where redemption exists.

Lucifer represents human pride and Ego and is an element of the Serpent in the Garden of Eden, who tempts the soul of humanity by becoming more knowing and God-like.  Once the human soul had tasted the forbidden fruit it fell from grace and became isolated from a living knowledge of a spiritual presence.  This marks the development of the human Ego and the development of our individual sense of self.  Yet, the justification for casting out humanity from the Garden was strange:

“Behold, the man has become like one of Us, knowing good and evil; and now, he might stretch out his hand, and take also from the tree of life, and eat, and live forever” (Genesis 3:22)

How this can be interpreted in a positive view on “God’s” part is difficult to understand.  Parameters were established in the Garden which forbade humanity to eat the fruit of knowledge, for if we did we were told that we would die.  Yet the Serpent tempts Eve into eating this fruit by stating to her that if you eat from this tree, you surely will not die.  This was a deception because our death cycles appear to begin many years after the moment of this fall from grace although a state of longevity existed.  Later in Genesis, it states that human suffering became magnified and that by the sixth chapter of Genesis (6:3) our longevity disappears as life cycles become severely contracted.

The Serpent in the Garden represents many potentials.  I like to think of it as a primordial anti-spiritual force which may have been intentionally placed within us by draconian beings claiming to be our creator Gods.  This may be the plural “Us” that is referred to in Genesis.  Many believe that these beings are the Babylonian Anunnaki (which literally means those who from Heaven to Earth came down) who are the fallen angels that our creation mythologies are constantly referencing.  It would make sense that the Serpent which is referenced within the Garden of Eden is indeed the universal Dragon that Gnostic resources extensively reference.

Additionally, our healing symbols (such as the Caduceus and the Staff of Aesculapius) convey to us that there is an element within us that is Serpent-like.  The question as to whether this is a naturally evolved human feature or intentionally engineered by a progenitor race should be inconsequential to the fact that all of us have draconian-reptilian features which psychologically correspond to our lower survival instincts, impulses, and drives.

Furthermore, the Serpent may have been a being that was far greater than what our biblical translations suggest.  The original Hebrew word used for this Serpent was Nahash which can be found within the scriptures in reference to a great and powerful evil creature also known as Leviathan.  Although this being may be a psychological archetype, it may very well be a physical, trans-dimensional, or extraterrestrial being that our ancestors had literally encountered. What must be kept in mind is that these accounts were recorded during the Age of Aries (2200 BC – 100 BC) which determined that our pathway to the transcendent was through the externalized manifestations of God.  Specifically, this was the Age of God as the Father Archetype.

Additional New Testament statements about the War in Heaven in the revelations of St. John suggest that this Garden Serpent was the primordial universal Dragon who has come to Father many sons, which include Lucifer and Satan;

Then a war broke out in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back. But the dragon was not strong enough, and no longer was any place found in heaven for him and his angels. And the great dragon was hurled down—the ancient serpent called the devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him. (Revelation 12:8-9).

This passage suggests that the Draconian anti-spirit and his children were cast upon the lower realms of existence.  Regardless, these are all reptilian based creatures which seem to lack specific soul elements and exist in hierarchical power based societies. Many of us (if not all of us at some point in our evolutionary journey) have become adversarial beings that have willfully aligned with the Great Dragon while serving our Ego in a world of competition.

Meister Eckhardt stated; “You may call God love, you may call God goodness.  But the best name for God is compassion.”

It is compassion which distinguishes our human nature.  The more spiritually evolved a being, the more compassionate it becomes.  The Hebrew word for compassion is racham which means womb.  In Greek the word is splagchnizomai meaning to be moved deeply from the womb.  Both words distinguish our humanity from the reptilian side.  Compassion and service to others is the distinction that marks an ascended being.

Does Lucifer have compassion?  He appears to have been spawned by the Great Dragon yet he has also been equated to the Good Thief.  The potential exists.  Our Ego is definitely worth redeeming, and this is the task that we are compelled to take.  Jesus did not spend his time with the pious, but with those such as prostitutes and tax collectors who society considered beyond redemption.  Jesus understood that the outcasts and misfits of society were far closer to the truth than those who portrayed themselves as overtly devout.  Undoubtedly, there were many reasons for this seemingly paradoxical behavior, but I suspect that it was a far more enjoyable experience to spend time with people who were free and not enslaved to doctrine.

Many may argue that this was just a rumor and He really did not spend much time with the marginalized and outcast.  But He did, and appeared to not only have sided with the those living on the margins, but considered them as friends and more enlightened than the “devout.”

To what can I compare this generation? They are like children sitting in the marketplaces and calling out to others: ‘We played the flute for you, and you did not dance; we sang a dirge and you did not mourn.’  For John came neither eating nor drinking, and they say, ‘He has a demon!’ The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say, ‘Look at this glutton and drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and of sinners!’ But wisdom is vindicated by her actions.” (Matthew 11:16-19)

Lucifer was instrumental in our Ego development.  Without this archetype, we may never have become sovereign individuals and for his gift we must acknowledge the value of this experience.

The redemption of Lucifer is ordained to occur for every individual and in doing so we must collapse the duality between good and evil.  Shunning all that Lucifer offers is not sustainable within an earthly life, and it is about as popular as a chastity belt.  Can anyone truly believe that our sensuality was meant to be carved out of our life?  As we combine enlightenment with compassion we will discover the true potentials of our sexuality which is destined to become a vehicle for grace and healing.

Screen Shot 10-21-17 at 11.44 AMIn the Gnostic literature, the great Beast of the universe is equated with Yaldabaoth, a mythical being created by the goddess Sophia.  In the Secret Book of John, Sophia’s creation is described as a beast having the body of a serpent and the face of a lion.  The error of Sophia is that she tried to create a being to please God without consent from the higher spiritual realm.  In her case, she had no masculine (spiritual) consort.  In doing so, she created an imperfect being that eventually became so powerful that it overtook Sophia and controlled her.  Yaldabaoth spawned many additional beings, of which Lucifer and Satan are part of.

This Gnostic legend can be interpreted as a metaphor for the human soul.  Sophia represents the divine feminine and receptive element (soul) of our eternal self.  From her actions she created Ego in the form of the Demiurge which overtook and silenced her from our individual consciousness.  This allowed our Ego to develop in a world ruled by the Demiurge.  This time has now passed, as we are entering a New Age where it is necessary for the survival of our species, and the world, for the individual human being to spiritually ascend.

To ascend, Sophia must be redeemed though a marriage with Christ.  This is a metaphor for our soul’s union with our higher self/spirit.  This is the Hieros-Gamos or sacred marriage.  Once this is achieved we will understand that what constitutes our eternal essence is not Ego, but something greater.  Through the soul-spirit union, we are no longer controlled by Yaldabaoth, and this entity becomes an instrument for an enlightened soul to freely utilize.  Within this transformation, we are no longer ruled by luciferic Ego and are essentially redeemed from this form of bondage.

Mythology and astrology have always connected Lucifer to the planet Venus which is part of the divine feminine.  In last month’s discussion on Astraea we saw how the fall of mankind and the chaos that ensued drove away Divine Justice in the form of the Star Maiden, the goddess Astraea, who is an element of the divine feminine that we have come to know as Sophia.  Legends state that she was the last of the gods to leave the Earth, and in doing so, she became part of the constellation Virgo. By leaving the Earth, she forfeited the Scales of Justice to another realm within the constellation of Libra.  In a sense, those scales floating around in Libra constitute a purely rational form of logic devoid of compassionate feminine wisdom.

In Astrology, the constellation Libra is ruled by Venus, and it now appears that Lucifer is holding the scales.  In many ways he is, as it is the soul’s Ego that weighs out and measures things. At this point in time, the astrological community is looking for a new ruler of Libra which they believe will soon be discovered by astronomical science.  The astrological community is leaning strongly towards naming this new celestial body after an entity of the divine feminine which they believe will rule the constellation Libra.

The time has now come when Sophia’s wisdom must again return to Earth’s biosphere restoring Divine Justice to an ascending world in Christ consciousness.  In doing so, the Ego and Lucifer become infused with compassion from our heart’s divine intelligence and these energies are ultimately reconfigured, unified, and redeemed through the conscious awakening of the divine feminine through our direct encounter and unification with our higher self imbue by the Christos-Sophia energies.

This marriage should be regarded as our life’s central priority as it will restore the ascended body, soul, and spirit to the scales in which all reality is to be observed, experienced, evaluated, and appraised.




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2 thoughts on “Lucifer”

  1. Hello Cynthia,

    Thank you for your kind and healing sentiments. I would have to agree with you, as I am not quite sure I interpreted these visions as accurately as possible. The dreams that inspired this essay were lucid and forceful. It was like watching an intentional movie which seemed hyper-real. Something spiritual wanted me to know this. I sense that this may very well play out on the world stage with a player who will be welcomed as a savior. Only time will tell. Any insight that you may have is always welcomed.

    Paul P.


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