True Value

“Money is always the token or “middleman” that ultimately blocks the flow of Divine energy. Why does it have to be present?  Who is this middleman?  Why consider money at all?  When we talk of money, the Shadow is always present.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian May, 17 2023

The last temptation in the desert, “If you are God, turn these stones into bread.” immortalizes the greatest issue that we must face during our lifetime.  This statement is related directly to our concept of value.  Circumstances have driven all of us to the point where we are forced to ask ourselves, “What is value?”  and “What is it that has value?”

These are essential queries that carry within them an answer that has the power to cleave timelines.  The path that we are destined to take is determined by our perception of value and specifically our relationship to the concept of money.

There are elements within the New Age-Ascension community that have exploited our understanding of value and in many instances have grafted materialistic concepts to old ideas of wealth that are measured externally.  In the Babylonian Age, a concept of wealth was birthed meant solely for the enslavement and control of a populace. Many saw an egotistical advantage to a system that enriches the individual at the expense of the many.  This was very much bound to a pyramidal caste system where the kings and priests are always positioned at the top.

The externalized system that is affecting us today runs on a program based upon fear, lust, hype, illusion, and deception.  No one who is gaming the system has the capability to create real value on their own.  Those who can produced are always relegated to the bottom and are harnessed like slaves.  This is why the dense reality of this matrix is so rigidly scripted and why the sirens of their political, educational, scientific, medical, and entertainment industry are showered with external wealth beyond our imagination.  This is a matrix that promotes an inverted perception of value.  The real key players of this paradigm are the ones who can effectively propagate deception through the illusion of sincerity that has been cultivated in the reflection of their soul’s image—which is the origin of narcissism.

Controlling power is always enhanced through dark magical principles.  Value in the inverted realm is measured by how well the fallen can promote deceptive agendas.  The better the liar, the more valuable that soul becomes to the shadow forces that control us.

The system is driven by falsehoods to the point where the key players are no longer necessary.  Clones (whether AI generated on virtual platforms, or generated  physically through laboratories) have now moved into the starring roles of this illusionary spectacle.  In the Faustian bargains that every power-player must make, they give away their sovereignty in exchange for externalized wealth, influence, and control. They are also copyrighted, so that even after death, their image can still be employed as a tool of seduction wielded by otherworldly forces that every promoter, prophet, lord, king, ruler, priest, priestess, etc. must answer to.

At some level, every human soul is aware these facts.  To appease our apprehension, the New Age-Ascension community has promoted the idea that the dark extraterrestrial influence ruling over us has been negated by positive extraterrestrials—so all is well.  Even if true, it is a bogus concept.  This distortion is a major part of a grand deception for those who align themselves with overt positivity.  Otherworldly, does not mean other physical worlds or planets.  It has always meant the dark astral plane which is the shadow realm that our soul must engage during the travails of our physical life.

The concept of something for nothing is very much part of this distortion.  Stories of debt forgiveness, GESARA/NESARA, decentralized cryptocurrency, etc. have been promoted for decades by people who claim to know better.  These are enlightened souls who have open channels to transdimensional resources, many of which originate deceptively from various aspects of the astral plane. Regardless, the fact remains that the concept of money as we know it does not exist in the ascended realms.  The only function that money serves is as a tool of control and enslavement used to keep us in the lower plane of conflict.

In an ascended realm, money does not exist, but value does.

When we associate wealth with external things, especially in symbols or other people, it is corruption.  It is always within the token where you can find the dark otherworldly forces of control.

Through the channelers, otherworldly entities teach us that money is merely “energy.” This is not wholly true.  The beings teaching us have no need for money or are even familiar with the nuances of its earthly characteristics.  Understandably, they are either correlating true value to our distorted perceptions regarding money (which is a fatal mistake) or they are nudging us in a very diabolical way back into its enslaving kingdom.  Money cannot exist in an ascended realm because it holds us back from the essence of an evolved world, which is one of Divine Justice and overwhelming abundance.  Money is a vehicle of corruption and subverts both.

Money is always the token or “middleman” that ultimately blocks the flow of Divine energy. Why does it have to be present?  Who is this middleman?  Why consider money at all?  When we talk of money, the Shadow is always present.

Although the Babylonians and Hebrews had a system that used precious metals in exchange for goods and services, money was invented much later in ancient Turkey which was known as Anatolia.  This was the land of Lydia, a civilization that flourished during the times of ancient Greece. It was the mythical King Midas and his direct descendants that invented money in a form that we have all come to know.   The riverbeds of the land were steeped in a readily available alloy of gold and silver known as electrum. Lustrous and highly malleable, it was Midas who came up with the idea of stamping images upon coins of electrum.  It was the intention imparted into the coins that enhanced the value.  Hence the concept of the Midas touch, which in the legend is a curse that becomes his downfall.

The entire ancient world became enamored by this new concept of money as it was a means of creating something of greater value out of nothing, with many opportunities to be further gained through schemes hatched within the manifestation of the money itself.  This was the origin of fiat currency which places value upon a token by decree.

In the legend, Midas loses his ability to feed himself, because everything that he touched turned to gold. Symbolically, this represents our innate ability to create from within, as Midas became dependent upon an army of slaves to provide for him his most basic needs of existence. Midas destroys all things in his garden, monetizing everything by turning it into gold.  When he embraced his daughter, whose name was Zoe (which means Life, Lifeforce, or Libido), he destroyed the maiden by transforming her into a golden statue.

Midas also had a son named Lityerses, who was an archetype of the dark entity that we know as Mammon.  Lityerses would challenge others in games of risk, enticing them to gamble away their season’s harvest in competition to him.  If one failed to outproduce him, Lityerses would behead them and seize all of their assets. In this way, he became the prototype of a ruthless businessman, setting the example for his multitude of children to emulate.  Hercules was the only being to have ever survived his challenge. Meaning, that it is a herculean task to stand up against this demon.

The demon exists within and outside of us, and it is insatiable.  It is fed through acts of dark magic, of which tithing is a very real part of.  In the ancient world, temples were built to not only appease, but praise the gods that favored those in power and who promoted their agenda.  This was done through various forms of sacrifice, including human, but also money and things that we were conditioned to value.

In this fashion, we craft an egregore, which is an astral being manifested collectively by our own intentions.  This is the process that has created the shadow entities of all the gods.  In ancient Greece, this was especially true with the Sun god Apollo whose shadow bears a striking resemblance to the fallen entity of Lucifer, the Bearer of Light.

What use would a god have for money?  Yet, we shower them with gold and silver. True gods want nothing from us and need nothing from us.  In this reality, we are gods in training and are indeed greater than the ancient gods for they have invested their life experience within each human being born into this world as part of our heavenly light code.  This is the principle of grace as nothing evolves in this universe unless it is through a process of mentoring Divine Truth in God’s Love.

It is only the Shadow that demands sacrifice.  It is the currency that we have created through its deceptive conditioning that promotes the will of its dark agenda.  The Shadow is a real universal entity that propagates fear and subjugation. It is the anti-Christos or anti-Spirt that unites all things through its dark specter, which is simply consciousness experienced outside the Light of Truth.  Its main vehicle of influence in this world is the culture of money that embraces the notion of something for nothing.

As this dark influence on the culture of money began to take hold in the ancient world, factions within it began to question the unseen forces that were driving it.  It was the ancient Greeks who could see through the deception better than most.  Some of the ancient Hellenes, such as the Spartans, never embraced the concept of money as they felt its corrupting influence had the power to destroy civilizations.

As a counterbalance to this false currency value system that inverts the truth, the idea of Logos emerged in the minds of the more enlightened.  It was through the ancient numeric-geometrical mysteries of Pythagoras, which was then carried on by Socrates and Plato, that the idea of the Logos formed in the human mind.  Simply put, the Logos is the holistic truth of someone or something.  Meaning, its truthful nature and intention observed from an enlightened perspective. The Logos is Christ.

All things have intention which is directly related to Divine Will.  Indeed, when we experience Divine Will we are experiencing free will in an enlightened state because it is the will of our Higher Self or Higher nature that is very much the greater part of who we are.  Our godly self is when we are communicating with the Divine Will of the Higher Self through the resonance of Love.  We all have an essential soul that is our truthful identity signified in the light and sound codes of the heavens.  Our god-self is our dharma, an ultimate state of unity where all the celestial and animalistic energies that we harbor come into balance.  In this state, we become sovereignly as individuated aspects of the Creator with intention and purpose.  All life becomes valuable and cherished in this ascended state which is Christed awareness.  No one person has more value than anyone else because it is realized that individual joy, prosperity, security, freedom, and wellbeing are directly related to the collective of the biosphere. This is the only state of existence where Divine Justice and True Freedom can exist.

Virtually all of us have been programmed to scoff at this idea.  The worst perversions of Christed awareness stem forth from the various versions of forced socialism, unrestrained capitalism, and totalitarian states, all of which invert the truth by standing against individual sovereignty.  The real reason why these systems always fail is that Christ-Sophia does not exist within their pyramids of control. The only model that is viable to the human collective and Gaia is the one that Paul of Tarsus articulated in his ideas regarding the Body of Christ, which is in essence one body that we are all individuated aspects of.  This is an essential teaching of the Universal Law of One.

Human beings carry within them immense wealth which can only manifest into the world when we are in resonance with our balanced intentional nature contributing to Gaia’s ascension.  At some level, all people understand this as we are incarnated into this world bearing a cross.  An in-depth study of our Human Design, which is directly related to the light and sound codes of our essential nature, will reveal the nature of this cross.  In the ascended state of true value, all serve Christ-Sophia, because all are Christ-Sophia.  This is why it is said that our burden is light, and our yolk is sweet.   In many individuals who are ascending, tools such as Astrology, Human Design, Tarot, I-Ching, etc. are useful as these are methods that allow us to see our truthful intentions.

At best, these practices help us gain insight and validate our impressions and intuition.  In time, one begins to look at personal astrology as a gemstone with individuated facets that process and reflect light in extraordinarily dynamic ways.  It is through this discipline that one can begin to appreciate the wealth that is invested within every living soul.

Universal truth manifests to us in the medium of the individual.  This means there are cultural variables in how we envision the truth which manifests from a Universal Cosmic Source.  In essence, Truth is Love, which is also Wisdom.  It is only the fallen that look at the differences between the messages because their intention is always to separate by fomenting discord, driving wedges, and building cages.  It is money in its current form that drives this process.

Love acts as a force that binds us back to the Universal Source of Truth.  In this ascended realm of knowing, we are compelled to live in service to others for the reward is irresistible once we experience how it negates isolation, fear, and scarcity. This can only happen when we understand that we all fit into a world that is destined to foster such an abundant society through cooperation and Divine Justice.  That is, if can come to discover our individual purpose in creating and sustaining a prosperous society that all can contribute and benefit from.

Experience in the lower density of linear reality is not the same as the channelers speak of when they discuss the concepts of abundance because everything remains in a state of egocentric conditions.  When an enlightened soul travails the lower world of ego, abundance as we have been conditioned to understand it, does not, and cannot happen if one is truly following the Wisdom of their Heart.  This is for the same reason that Christ was crucified, as one will never be rewarded in a kingdom that is contrary to, I AM, Christed awareness.

It is only those who are engaged in the Shadow’s inverted game of money, conquest, and division who are lavished upon with externalized wealth that appears to be far more than enough and/or justified for their actions.  Indeed, in the Shadow’s realm those who have really damaged our collective efforts for a just society, peaceful existence, and love of Truth are catapulted into the upper echelons of the pyramid of control.  Suffice to say, that if one finds themself showered with this form of externalized wealth, in one way or another, you are living in service to the Shadow’s army of control—even if your intentions are sincere.

God does not abandon us on our journey because when we surrender our ego’s will to the Wisdom of our Heart, we are guided by our Higher Self and are given exactly what we need, when we need it. No more, and no less.  Generally, this wealth comes from places that we never anticipate.  When we calculate and scheme, as virtually all of us must do at some point in this life, we are playing in the Shadow’s game that the otherworldly entities have rigged in their favor.

Our true value is our individual capacity to manifest Divine purpose in God’s Truth.  This is the realm of Christ-Sophia, and in this Kingdom, we are sovereign to ourselves.

Keep in mind that most people living in this world have been coerced into harming themselves in a most obvious and egregious way because they have failed to see the value that exists within them.  At minimum this is sodomy, and at worst, voluntary participation in the extermination of the human race.

Satan and Lucifer’s ultimate challenge is simply “If you are God then turn these stones into bread.”

Although in the ascended realm, “Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that flows from the mouth of God.” in the lower realm we must toil to make money and/or to keep others affixed to this task.   Either way, in this matrix we all die as slaves.  Satan knows this fact very well and has used it to his advantage against God’s children, to the point where many have injected poison into their body in fear of losing the very job that enslaves them to his task.

This desecration of our body and soul will never end until we let go of the fear that holds us fast to the Shadow’s enslaving currency—which is as lifeless as stone.  This can only happen when money is no longer front and center in our mind’s awareness.  As difficult as it may sound, focus on the truth that our heart already knows and allow the Universe to open the portals into a greater existence.   We must stop worshiping money and see it for what it is, a crutch that we must cast away before entering the ascended realm of Christ-Sophia.

On May 16, 2023, at approximately 1:00 pm CST, Jupiter entered the sign of Taurus.  Jupiter signifies exuberance and when stationed in Taurus, it represents abundance.  This alignment is in the Ninth House, which is the power of the centaur Chiron, the greatest teacher of all of humanity’s heroes. Hercules was his greatest pupil.  Chiron also represents Christ energy that translates into I AM awareness through individuated sovereignty.  The wealth that we seek is that which has been invested within us.  The tools that we need to succeed in this task will be provided for us over the course of the next year as Jupiter transits the sign of the Bull.  That is, if we have the courage and intelligence to use them.

Screen Shot 05-18-23 at 11.30 AM

Assistance will be provided through a cradle superimposed upon a Mars-Pluto opposition that forms a T-Square with Jupiter at the exact moment that Father Zeus crosses into Taurus.  T-Square oppositions, especially on a Mars-Pluto axis, are bound to trigger significant transformative action.  In the cradle formation, both ends of the oppositions are either sextile or trine to the other two heavenly bodies.  In this case, it is the mighty energies of the Sun and Neptune which can illuminate, empower, and transfigure.

Astrologically, these aspects signify the function of a cradle.

As in most instances, there are two roads that can be taken.  On the lower path, the cradle can function as an impairment for significant transformation. Those who are resistant to change will remain swaddled in an illusion that all is well.  In this case, many will still perceive the inverted and perverted matrix as a system of value that is still working for them.  At this point, viewing the situation in this fashion is contrary to the reality that surrounds us, and is simply illusionary escapism, which the cradle will support.

On the high road, the cradle presents an environment for optimal growth through challenges.  It should also be of interest that the North node, which represents dharma, is in conjunction with Jupiter during this time.  Those who are up to the task will spearhead innovative solutions that will resonate truthfully with our inner values.

It is quite amazing to see how the Universe provides us with the heavenly support to assist us in accomplishing this task with exactly what we need, when we need it.  The only thing that is missing is a heroic movement on our part back towards the power and truth that has been invested within us.

We do not need the Shadow’s money in order to thrive.  Turning stones into bread was a task that we were bound to experience in the last Ages of the Aries and Pisces.  Through the progressive corruption that the inverted value system promotes, even the money that it implements has become valueless.  Let us not fall into the trap of embracing another monetary system (whether tangible or virtual) when their current system of enslavement finally collapses.

Perhaps there will be a semblance of a monetary system in the future, but it must take on a much smaller role in our life as we transition into an ascended realm whereby definition, in a service to others-oriented society, money will no longer exist.

It is the task of every enlightened soul to see that money no longer has any value or meaning in the Light of Truth that is now shining upon us.

We are certainly going somewhere, which is a place where, as the old adage says, “You cannot take it with you.”

Those in ascension can clearly see that true value has always been fully invested within us.

The ultimate truth is we no longer need the Shadow’s presence, its currency, or its enslaving technology in order to survive.

We never really did.

In Good Faith,


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