The Lord(s) of Time

“There should be no doubt for anyone on the pathway that Gaia is moving forward into a more sublime realm on an optimal timeline that we are all being invited to take. This ideal timeline has always existed in Christ consciousness.  We were all told this as children which many of us dismissed when we became adults.  As linear perception of time comes to an end, many are recognizing the truth of our sacred teachings.  It is not Jesus Christ the man, but the timeline that Christ-Sophia represents. In this one timeline that we are merging towards, Christ was not, and will never be, crucified.  In all other timelines, He was, is, and will continue to be martyred.”

The fate of all men and gods is determined by three ruling powers.  They are called by many names, but their function is always the same.  One births, one sustains, and one destroys.  Every being that gives consent to play in this realm of existence is subjected to these primal ruling entities.  The Vedics called them Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.  The ancient Kabbalah knew them as the three pillars of existence called Mercy, Harmony, and Severity.  The Gnostics saw them as a syncretic being that they called Abraxas, with a head of a rooster, arms and chest of a man, and lower half serpent, that gives birth to and devours its own children.  Anything that is born into the lower realm of dense existence will die in it from the perspective of linear time.

In ancient Greece, they were known as the Moirai or the Fates, represented by three goddess (Clotho the spinner, Lachesis the measurer, and Atropos the cutter) of the thread of time allotted for everything born into this realm of existence.  Even Zeus was subjugated to their fate.

All things die, as death remains a persistent illusion in the world ruled by ego.  We came into this realm from somewhere else and we are destined to go back from where we came.  That is the paradigm that we have agreed to incarnate into.  That somewhere else is outside of linear time.  The linear time continuum is a paradox that has its own Lord of Time that nothing can supersede.  This is the reason why we are crucified consistently within it.  From this perspective, Plato is absolutely correct, as the idea in the form of an organizational consciousness of all things, never perishes.  Despite fierce objection from those of the egotistically inclined worldview, anomalies in logical causality and reason persist in a universe that is unquestionably entangled with non-local phenomena of a quantum nature.  If nothing else, it is time for us to consider the fact that a spiritual force beyond our empirical comprehension exists within a cosmic field of intelligence that transcends our ego’s awareness.  

The First Law of thermodynamics is the Conservation of Energy, which states that the total energy of a system remains constant. Stated in another way, energy can never be created or destroyed.  When we begin to understand that, first and foremost, we are spiritual energy organized by an infinite intelligence, the paradigm of enslavement will begin to shift. What we experience as death is simply energy transitioning into dimensional states beyond limited human awareness.  Plato’s ideas are upheld by a “modern” science that not only disregards but despises him.   It is the unbalanced and unbridled rule of the materialists, inspired by Aristotle, that has driven the world to the edge of the grave.

The world waits with bated breath for this paradigm to shift because we sense that the rules of the game are changing.  The question that many in the Ascension community are asking is when will it happen? The answer lies within the individual who has the courage to challenge convention.  This will not happen passively.  One must ask the question earnestly and be prepared to face whatever challenges may arise in seeking the answer.  It is not the role for anyone else to determine when it will happen.  We must, through our individual path, seek the answer for ourselves.  It will come through grace. Meaning, it will become apparent when it needs to be.

There are many timelines that exist, but as we ascend, they all begin to converge.  This is the intrinsic nature of Ascension, which is movement towards interconnection and Oneness through the Light and Love of Truth.  The nature of Descension (Ascension in the opposite direction) is separation and isolation within a myriad of timelines ruled by archonic powers of destiny, experienced through luck, fate, deception, control, and struggle.  Timelines on the Descension pathway are pliable based upon the manipulation of individual and collective awareness.

The last few decades of time have exposed the schemes of the archonic rulers which are no longer synchronous to the human collective. As the veil of their dark deception fades, there should be no doubt left in anyone’s mind that we are moving away from the dense reality that their apparats of enslavement solicit.

There is no imagination in a black heart as their soul’s energies have long ago been exchanged for power, status, recognition, adoration, or pieces of silver.  What was given away by the deceived was invaluable. This was (and still is) done for lack of faith in their own power.  This power is not imparted to us through any egotistical process, for we are born with it. We carry this power from the realm of the spirit within us as we incarnate into existence.  We can only give it away voluntarily.  Time in the shadow’s illusion is what robs us of our godly nature, which we can only reclaim on the pathway of Ascension.

Those who have been deceived still wait for instruction from the ruling archons that will never come. The relevance of the enslaving powers within Aquarian time is not only being eroded but will be fully negated.  Lack of faith in the Light and Truth of their own spirit has transformed many into a withered corpse that is feasted upon by astral demons like vultures to carrion.  All of this is happening in the dwindling light of dense earthly existence as the sum of the old powers of Pisces come to an end.

There should be no doubt for anyone on the pathway that Gaia is moving forward into a more sublime realm on an optimal timeline that we are all being invited to take. This ideal timeline has always existed in Christ consciousness.  We were all told this as children which many of us dismissed when we became adults.  As linear perception of time comes to an end, many are recognizing the truth of our sacred teachings.  It is not Jesus Christ the man, but the timeline that Christ-Sophia represents. In this one timeline that we are merging towards, Christ was not, and will never be, crucified.  In all other timelines, He was, is, and will continue to be martyred.

The challenge in moving forward is to let go of whatever convention is still holding you back.  Many are afraid of letting go because of ego. These are people who have achieved much in the old energies of Pisces who have more to lose in the dense construct than others who are readily embracing the new energies of cosmic transformation.

The process of this transition includes the stripping away of old ideas and thought forms that were more appropriate for Piscean time.  Over the last two thousand years, dense linear thinking was perpetuated at the expense of spiritual considerations and vice versa.  Separation between two opposing viewpoints became a divisive tactic keeping humanity at war with one another. The transition of the Age is affording us the opportunity to balance these opposing energies.  From a philosophical perspective, the spiritual or Platonist worldview aligns to the heart-centered feminine right brain, while the Aristotelian materialistic view to the ego-centered masculine left-brain.

As opposed to his teacher (Plato), Aristotle forwarded the idea that there is no reality over and above what the senses can perceive.  This was the beginning of a great duel within the mind and heart of the human collective that was being conditioned to see things from a limited perspective.  The Piscean Age represented imprisonment not only within the material plane, but within ideas itself.  This led to an explosion of organizations, religions, and cults, that far outstripped any previous Age.

Despite whom or what we believe, if our source of truth is limited by preconditioned notions, what develops are distortions of truth based upon individual bias that are determined through time-based perceptions.  Even the great Rudolf Steiner was not beyond bias as he was sensing timelines from variables that have changed drastically.

Furthermore, his approach was overtly Aristotelian, as many within the esoteric community consider Rudolf Steiner and Aristotle as incarnations of the same soul.

The Anthroposophical community that was created around him and his teachings is highly biased against the Divine Feminine.  To this day, the cult of Anthroposophy exists at the exclusion of the Goddess’ perspective.  Steiner’s approach to the world’s greatest questions involves a seven-step process based on Rosicrucian training that discipline the mind while expanding the capacity to think more clearly. Over time, the idea is that we should develop supersensible perceptions through what amounts to an exceedingly egocentric approach.

Keep in mind that the language of Satan (Ahriman) is quantitative, fixed in numbers, empirical observation, and calculations.

From a lecture in Basel from September 1906, in pure Aristotelian fashion, Rudolf Steiner tells his audience:

“For example, studying the eye teaches us about light, and researching the lungs gives us information concerning the composition of air, and so forth. In this way we ultimately arrive at self-knowledge.  Through immersion in the inner micro world, the macro world is gradually revealed.  The state of divine blessedness is finally achieved through such comparative observations as a consequence of all the previous exercises….

Through all of these steps it is necessary for the pupil to be permeated by certain beneficial characteristics:  trust in oneself, self-mastery, and presence of mind.  The inner training is to be worked on continuously.  For although the divine is really already latent within us, it is not directly revealed without work and corresponding development.  This path does not require any kind of sequestering away from society and other human beings in order to devote oneself to one’s inner development in loneliness.  Neither does it require any contempt for matter, merely a rising above and overcoming it on the way to something higher.  Self-knowledge is knowledge of the world, will serve as our motto.”

Many people believe that self-knowledge or knowledge of the self can be obtained through egocentric practices that will eventually lead to Gnosis.  I have underscored “gradually” and “finally.” With certain people and enough time, anything is possible, but we no longer have that luxury as the Age of Anno Domini is ending.  What was discovered in this last Age was a finite limit to the micro world.  What was not discovered is the ceiling of the macro world, which remains the next frontier to be explored in the Aquarian Age.

While most esoteric souls have sensed that the transition of the Age is now upon us, Steiner stated cryptically that the Age of Aquarius begins in the year 3573 AD.  This observation is completely out of perspective from the events of our current timeline and is most likely irrelevant.  According to Steiner, the inauspicious year of 1413 AD marked the beginning of the Piscean Age.  Some have argued that he meant the fruition of the Age. Perhaps from a higher etheric vantage these dates have meaning, but from current human consciousness they appear to be insignificant.  This is the nature of Luciferian insight, which is beyond the capacity of human awareness.  Its only purpose is to engage the human mind in a myriad of considerations that can ultimately restrict spiritual development through our own volition.

In the above statement of Rudolf Steiner’s, there is acknowledgement of the latent presence of spirit and nothing more.  For most of us this is an impenetrable mystery.  The portal to this mystery must be opened if Gnosis is to occur.  This can only happen through grace, which opens an inner dialog with the Higher Self.  There is only one way, and that is through living our most authentic life governed by the Wisdom of our heart as individuated aspects of God.  This is allowed to happen only when we subject our ego voluntarily to the will and wisdom of the “latent” spirit that exists within.

The only way that the portal can be opened is when we finally come to realize that the answers that we are seeking will never come to fruition in this or any other lifetime through egotistical endeavors.  Regardless of whether your science is secular, spiritual, or a combination of both, you will never find a satisfactory answers to life’s most challenging questions unless it comes directly from the spirit (aka Higher Self).  It is only in the spirit’s realm where you will find it.

Although Steiner’s visions have been quite accurate, many are vague enough so that interpretations seem discordant with current events.  So much so that there are many still believing that the incarnation of the Evil One has not yet happened even though the mark of his appearance is undeniable.  Over the events of the last few years, there should be no doubt left in anyone’s mind that this is exactly what has happened.  This is a presence that can only be sensed through feeling as its nature obfuscates itself within the material realm in many different souls.

This was precipitated by the greatest moral dilemma that the world has ever experienced.  The fallout of this event is slowly appearing within the mind of the human collective.  There remains powerful dark magic that continues to dull the senses of most people as the illness of materialism runs its course through the populace.

It was only our spiritual awareness that kept the Evil One’s incarnation at bay.  At the threshold of the Aquarian Age, the unleashed disease triggered a moral catastrophe.  Through a personal capitulation to evil’s presence, we surrendered our right as God sovereign beings giving consent for the devil to manifest openly.  At this point, it has become clear that the darkness is upon us with extraordinarily little (if any) effort from its disciples to veil their intentions.  Their intentions are obvious, as their mad dash for global domination driven by spell casting, deception, intimidation, fear, and human sacrifice is as conspicuous as a clear morning sunrise for those who are awake.

Since the nature of time is becoming more elusive, it is no longer productive to contemplate abstract dates, such as 3573 AD. The simple fact remains that despite its persistence, time is an illusion of human consciousness which is moving in rapid ascension for those who can let go of egotistical variables.  My experience with the “anthroposophical” approach to life is more extensive than most.  In the end, I had let go of it because it does not work in bringing us to the place where we need to be.  Not in the year 3573 AD, but now, in present I AM Christ-Sophia consciousness.

The answer to Aquarian time becomes an awareness of it through our individual union of soul to spirit.  Steiner mentions that in the next epoch it becomes routine for people to have their own Damascus event, which can only be imparted to us through grace.  If we intend to wait another 1550 years for that experience to happen, we will have long run out of time.  In this light, the method of teaching that Rudolf Steiner inspired has also run out of time

Gnosis demonstrates that it is not enough to have a transformational experience, because after it happens, we are compelled to come back into a denser reality of existence.  Through our spiritual encounters, we are charged with the task of bringing forth the Light of Truth into a place of darkness, injustice, and obfuscation.  After we return, we are limited in our capacity to change what surrounds us. For any significant modification to occur, the nature of our existence must be transformed.  One is mistaken to believe that we have the power to change the nature of our existence, because it is a constant of the Age that only the Will of the Spirit determines.

The transition of the Age has opened the portal.  The devil has always existed in the details of things.  We must end our contemplation of Lucifer and Satan’s insignificant minutia and begin earnestly to redirect our attentions in an ascending direction.  Meaning, in a spiritual way that we can understand.

Instead of trying to discover the spirit through observing the microcosmic world, why not try discovering the transcendent directly through the timeless pathway of Gnosis that our spiritual ancestors have provided for us, specifically for this moment?  It is through the astonishment and inspiration of living your personal spiritual journey, where you will reflexively seek validation through a contemplative empirical process.  This is the ultimate function of ego, to validate spiritual experiences and manifest them into existence.

Even in dense reality, many are sensing the magic that is occurring all around.  The veil is falling as the supremacy of the materialistic ego wanes.  Christ-Sophia is a living realm that must be entered now.  Although it remains to be seen, my sense is that a transitional event is closing in.  Current events certainly give us an impression of a distinct separation of worlds.  In many ways this is happening, with the possibility of a complete separation of current timelines.  This seems destined to happen soon as the spiritless transhumanist agenda shifts into high gear and launches itself further into the linear time matrix.

The three Fates of the Time Lord exist in a dense linear matrix which is inescapable to gods and men.  The only way to transcend it is through Christ-Sophia.  Instead of contemplating future time references, consider the mystery of time in relationship to God given to us by the Master teacher of the last Age.  This will help us define ourselves in the New Age that is now upon us.

(30) Jesus said: Where there are three gods, they are gods; where there are two or one, I AM with him. (Gospel of Thomas 30, Blatz translation)

(30) Jesus said, “Where there are three divine beings, they are divine beings. Where there are two or one, I myself dwell with that person.” (Gospel of Thomas 30, Layton translation)

I AM the Way.  I AM the Life.  I AM the Truth.

In I AM we are all connected.

To ascend, we must escape linear time in Christed Awareness which is anything that brings us into the realm of Love.  Our perception of time is now being restructured as Saturn (Kronos) transits Pisces during these next few years.  This becomes a great opportunity for those who care to move forward with Gaia beyond the linear time matrix which is falling like a shoot star.

The role of all of those who are spiritually inspired can no longer be as students, dilettantes, or even teachers of outmoded ideas.  Through personal Gnosis, we must become living advocates of Christ-Sophia within the emerging timeline of global ascension.

Circumstances have dictated the collapse of all schools and the adjournment of all commencement ceremonies.

Now is the moment to cross the threshold and commence our Aquarian life.

In Good Faith,


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