Awakening Dragon: Spring Equinox 2023

“In Gnostic teachings, not all not all dragons are slain. As we become knowers of greater universal truth, we will come to understand that the dragon is very much a part of us.  The dragon can be charmed by singing to it the Truth of our heavenly parents.  The dragon is our life force and in the ascended realm she becomes our individualized power that can only be tamed through love, fidelity, and mutual admiration.  Gods do not kill dragons.  Fifth density power is god-like and in the higher realm our dragon is meant to serve us in mutual love and affection.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian March 18, 2023

This year’s Vernal equinox will occur on Monday, March 20, 2023, at 4:24 CST.

Much has been forecast as there are two major events in the Month.

The first was Saturn moving into Tropical Pisces on March 7, which will transit the Sign of the Fishes until it enters Aries in May 2025.  Saturn’s movement into Pisces ends the Aquarian re-alignment and begins to focus upon the spiritual aspects of our life on a personal level.

The second is that Pluto moves from Tropical Capricorn into the sign of Aquarius two days after the Equinox, which means that it will be at the cusp on March 20.

The sense among astrologers is that this will be a season of great change which is like saying that the sun will rise tomorrow as the timeline that we are now on is one of enormous transformation through a spiritual process of transfiguration.

Saturn in Pisces is not a comfortable placement and there will be an overwhelming feeling that great change is necessary to reconfigure ourselves into something more congruent with the ascending landscape of human awareness.  Over the last five years, the enslaving powers of Saturn, as ruler of Capricorn and the nocturnal element of Aquarius, had free reign within the darker aspects of those signs. To an empathetic soul, the last five years seemed bewildering as the energies of that time favored the irrational dictates and schemes hatched by those who appeared to be in control.  It was no coincidence that the powers of darkness unleashed their attack against humanity at the apex of that transition when Pluto and Saturn were conjunct in January of 2020.

For better or worse, we have moved through these dark challenges as the power grab of the elite is destined to be diffused in the light of these transitioning signs. There is still more ahead, but the energies of Pisces are deeply spiritual and will catalyze alignments of soul in a way that we come to greater truth on a personal level.  This will be a time when the darkness will double their efforts to introduce their version of a new religion which for many will be discordant with their own sense of truth as Christ-Sophia becomes an ever more living presence within every human that embraces the union of soul to Higher Self (spirit) in God’s Light and Love.

Keep in mind that Saturn is a Satanic sphere of enslavement.  Yet, in its higher octave, Saturn can be a powerful force for structure and organization.  Saturn is for all intents the power of the ego, which must be balanced in service to our higher spiritual principles found in Pisces.  It is Saturn that has the power to reconfigure and in these next few years we are destined to see this happen at the spiritual level.

Pisces can also represent imprisonment, so it is possible that the dark controlling elements of society will attempt to reconfigure aspects of our confinement. Although unpleasant, this will only precipitate the urge to change, and many will finally conclude that we are indeed embroiled in a spiritual war that can only be won in cooperation and Love through a personal connection with the spirit. For many, this time will be salutary, meaning it will act as an unpleasant remedy that has healing effects.  Virtually every hero must face a period of salutary servitude for slaying a dragon.  There are many heroes today whose survival hinges upon their capacity to fight dragons.  In the end, we can only grow through these challenges as initiation into the ascended realm requires that every soul must lay to rest their own personal dragons before entering.

In Gnostic teachings, not all dragons are slain. As we become knowers of greater universal truth, we will come to understand that the dragon is very much a part of us.  The dragon can be charmed by singing to it the Truth of our heavenly parents.  The dragon is our life force and in the ascended realm she becomes our individualized power that can only be tamed through love, fidelity, and mutual admiration.  Gods do not kill dragons.  Fifth density power is god-like and in the higher realm our dragon is meant to serve us in mutual love and affection.

Pluto’s entry from Capricorn into Aquarius heralds a twenty-year transition that is destined to reconfigure our soul in relationship to the society that we are endeavoring to create.  This appears to be the time of a great divergence within human consciousness where a spiritual or materialistic pathway manifests into separate timelines.

Through this evolutionary process, people have the greatest opportunity to overcome their fear and accept the monumental truths that this transition is revealing. If this fear is surmounted, the opportunity to confront the Greater Guardian of the Threshold will present itself.  This means an encounter with the Higher Self through variable experiences within the coming years of these major transits. This encounter will have a transformational effect upon the soul and must occur before we can move beyond the enslaving timeline.

My suspicion is that this confrontation will be catalyzed by a global event. This encounter becomes the moment when we decide what world we will choose to live within. One which still attempts to support the hierarchical status quo through egotism in service to self; or in a world of cooperation and Unity consciousness in service to the True King who is in fact the Greater Guardian. Whoever chooses the self-serving path (either through their shortsightedness, fear, or narcissism) will have the potential to amass significant power (especially through the pathways of transhumanism) and will initially see an advantage over their fellow human beings. But in doing so, they will have arrested their spiritual development becoming agents of hindrance to the negative Spirits of Saturn. They have also imprisoned themselves in an enslaving world of hierarchical control which by design will completely extinguish free will and human expression.

Our path to the spirit is through the soul which can only be accomplished in service to the Light of God’s Truth.  The sovereign to our individuated soul has always been our spiritual Higher Self which is the only entity that we are fit to serve.  The Higher Self is the Guardian of the Greater Threshold that is not only the greater part of who we are, but the living embodiment of Christ-Sophia.

Those who volunteer to take the lower path choose to serve enslaving Satanic forces (that usurp the role of the Higher Self) in a spiritless realm as one of its minions.  During this time, it may be likely that certain people will mark themselves literally as a member of the dark realm’s neopolis or emerging techno-city states.  Although this experiment will be attempted, you can only participate in it willingly.  The cost of their admission is paid with the price of your soul.

If this timeline does not appeal to you, then you must not give them an inch or succumb to their demands which are hollow in the emerging timeline of Aquarian love.  Their evil intentions have become crystal clear so your survival as a human being depends upon your personal convictions and fortitude. You cannot be compromised or dissuaded.

Through deception, fear, and chaos, the darkness is preparing a mass exodus from Gaia’s realm when human consciousness is finally ignited.  This is not a question of if, but a question of when it will happen. The greatest thing that we can do to protect and preserve our independence is to govern our attention and not give it away to the circus of fear that the darkness generates.  Our soul’s capacity to discern truth has far outstripped the credibility of any individual media agent, news source, or academic institution.  Most people are only listening to the mainstream media out of habit.

If we could turn our attention away from their narrative through boycotting the spell casting media, for even a week, and focus it back to the physical reality of human relationships, their power base would be rocked.  Use the phone for what it was intended to be used for and call another person. Or better yet, visit them in person.

In the new timeline, hardness and hardship cannot be confronted with more of the same.  It is time for the Divine Feminine to emerge and take charge of the situation which for decades has been spiraling out of control under ego’s rule.  The darkness hates Christ-Sophia, but it is too late for parasites and demons as their time is ending.  The power of Neptune’s trident (which can crumble mountains and storm or calm the seas) will be reinstated in balance to Saturn’s scepter.

The next two years will be a period of realignment and balance as the goddess continues to emerge within the human soul and onto the world stage.  Neptune is the higher octave of Venus, and in astrology his trident is a ruling staff that dematerializes and diffuses.  This is an instrument similar to the one held by the goddess that softens and demineralizes enslaving structure.  The power of Hathor is projected through this tuning fork-like instrument known as a sistrum.

Humor and Truth is the power of Hathor and the Divine Feminine, which is destined to rise over this next Saturn transit.  The power of Pisces is within the archetype of the ennobled Fool represented in the arcana of the Tarot.  Humor in compassion to the suffering that we have all incurred over these last few years will be a sign that we are ready to ascend out of enslaving darkness.  This is what is meant by the hero laughing in the face of death, which is only illusionary to an enlightened soul.

The time is ripe for fearless souls and real troubadours to make their stance noticed.

Saturn moves into Aries May 24, 2025, returning to Pisces on September 1, 2025, staying in the sign of the Fishes again until February 13, 2026.  The official conjunction of Saturn and Neptune occurs on September 21, 2026, in the sign of Aries, but during the time of Saturn’s movements into Aries it remains in close proximity to Neptune for a good part of a year.  The time from spring of 2025 until the end of winter 2026 is a portal for significant realignment onto the alchemical pathway of global ascension.

Astrology of the Spring Equinox 2023

The overall theme to this year’s spring season is one of empowerment through just cause.

Screen Shot 03-18-23 at 09.29 AM

In viewing the chart, attention is drawn to a loose confederation of celestial bodies formed by Sun, Moon, Neptune, and Mercury in Pisces and Aries.  These are loose conjunctions within a 3-to-8-degree orb of each other.  The placement is interesting as it is in the same part of space where Saturn makes union with Neptune towards the end of its Piscean transit.  These energies fall mainly within the eighth house which is a placement of transfiguration.

Mercury conjunct Sun in Aries empowers the capacity to see the Light of Truth and to act upon this revelation.  Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces allows for deep spiritual and emotional introspection.  The marriage of these unions within the Stellium allow for a season of great contemplation in a landscape of further revelation.

Screen Shot 03-18-23 at 09.31 AM

The Stellium will be in opposition to Ceres in Libra in the second house which acts as a tension point.  This is a nurturing sign of balance which is related to a sense of wellbeing through the needs of the sensual world.  We may see greater truth emerging through sentient needs and personal relationships.  Ceres is Mother Nature related to a strong desire to nurture and support the needs of the planet ensuring our own survival.  This will not be done through dictates but through holistic Libran balance.

Mars in Gemini is squared to the Ceres-Stellium opposition, which will catalyze action along two planes.  This has the potential for two pathways following the emerging timeline of Gaia’s ascension or one of spiritless enslavement.  Only the soul chooses, and by doing so, helps configure the timeline that it intends to live within.  Non-choice is still a choice that will condemn the soul to more suffering in spiritless existence.

Screen Shot 03-18-23 at 09.32 AM

There is a second Stellium in Aries comprised of Vesta-Jupiter-Chiron also within the transformational eighth house.  Vesta represents the details of planning and fairness in governmental institutions. Vesta in Aries represents dignity and integrity.  This alignment is a heroic sign of confidence within a warrior who is unfazed by challenges.  In conjunction with Jupiter in Aries this power if magnified.  The alignment with Chiron in Aries represents issues of our deepest and darkest wound that is now coming to light.  In my opinion, this is always related to libido issues that have been repressed for Ages by enslaving draconian forces.

Think of our damaged and enslaved libido as the mythical princess that the knight champions in just cause.  In this sense, we are both knight and princess embroiled in a spiritual war that we will win if we can manage to turn our attentions back to the Light and Love of the Spirit.  Chiron is the greatest teacher of the art of war in just cause.  It is said that the greatest warriors must be students of all the arts, resorting to conflict as the last option.  In higher realm existence, war becomes an art only justified for the preservation of the species, protection of innocence, and champion to the Divine Feminine.

The Vesta-Jupiter-Chiron Stellium is squared by Athena in Cancer in the eleventh house which is related to powerful action in just cause.  Athena favors the hero who can resonate in the Light of Truth.  Her alignment in Cancer is heart centered, and in the eleventh house, Aquarian in nature, which indicates an enlightened higher purpose.  Athena is within a 1-degree conjunction with the fixed star Bellatrix found at the left shoulder of Orion.  Bellatrix represents female warrior or lioness energy employed in battle.  Outcomes will depend upon what side of the conflict your soul is aligned to.

The combination of Athena-Bellatrix is an undefeatable combination that champions our higher human principles.  This square is bound to trigger some form of martial action.  As there already exists internal conflicts within the world’s militaries, we may see action that either exposes or begins to address these issues in more fair and transparent ways.

We can also view this as an internal struggle within ourselves to overcome the draconian forces of the shadow that still imprison the soul and hold our libido captive.

Our libido energy is represented by Black Moon Lilith positioned in Leo in the twelfth house.  This is very much Chiron energy which in the twelfth house can represent our efforts to break out of the prison ruled by the shadow.

Screen Shot 03-18-23 at 09.32 AM 001

Lilith is squared to another Stellium of North Node-Juno-Venus in the sign of Taurus in the ninth house.   North Node represents the pathway to Dharma, I AM consciousness, or our individuated god-self.

Juno is the sign of marriage and relationships, a champion of justice, and restoring balance.

Venus is the sign of the Heart.  Venus rules Taurus.  We can view this as love for the world or love for the sensual.  We are not ascending off this planet but are falling in love and ascending along with her.  Our mission has always been to help create heaven on Earth which can only be accomplished with a restored and balanced libido on the path to higher consciousness.  We can only learn through Love.

Pluto is also squared to the North Node-Juno-Venus Stellium which will annihilate the dark forces of libido energies that hold us back.  These are shadow elements connected to enslaving forces that are losing their influence upon our destiny.

Final Thoughts

The enslaving forces of darkness are dissipating for those who find themselves drawn irresistibly into the Light and Love of Christ-Sophia.

All alignments indicate that there will more challenges ahead forcing us to look deep within, embracing the power of our truth in the presence of our spiritual Higher Self.  When we are in love, we are already there.  With no conditions to our love, ascension is as simple as taking a breath.

In the new Aquarian time of expanding consciousness, we will once again be aligned to the resonance of the gods.  The constants of the Age are determined by the Will of the Spirit.  In the time of the Piscean Age, we grew spiritually through confinement that was unapologetically harsh if not cruel.  It was an Age that seemed as though Satan himself had designed it.

In Aquarian time, the wisdom of Athena is understood, Prometheus becomes unchained, and Chiron’s wound is finally healed.

The Light and Love of Christ-Sophia is destined to overcome every challenge conjured by the darkness.

In Good Faith,


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