Sophia and the Hieros Gamos

“It is said that as events happen within the higher planes of consciousness that they eventually trickle down into the lowest states of being. What is happening on a universal-galactic level is also happening within our biosphere and is now happening within each and every individual that welcomes this transformational event. The essence of what is occurring is intuitive and simple. In fact, it has been described as effortless. Like a matched pair of magnets coming together. What we are doing is connecting the inner part of our self which our soul has become estranged from for so long that we forgot that it even existed. So, all of it begins as an inner awakening which becomes exceedingly familiar to us. In reality we are betrothed to this inner spiritual entity and must become unified with it once more. For many it may take more lifetimes to achieve this union. Ultimately we are intended to experience an inner sacrament in the form of an alchemical wedding also known as the Hieros Gamos. This cannot happen on the physical plane because what we are destined to marry is spiritual and now ingrained within the etheric energies of the earth itself.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian February 25, 2017

All human beings are born into this world with masculine and feminine energies.  These energies always remain as the essential core of our being, but over time, half of our whole self becomes obfuscated through the processes of physical and psychological development.   For the first 7 weeks after conception the fetus does not have a gender, meaning morphologically males and females are indistinguishable from each other. After this time, the fetus declares a sexual polarity and their bodies begin an externalized growth towards it.  By 8-12 weeks gender can be determined by observation.  Yet even at the time of birth, gender difference remains minimal and in many instances will not fully declare itself until the child has reached puberty.

Not only is there a process which is occurring externally, but an internal process of psychological differentiation is concurrently happening which is complementary to our physical expression.  As there is an evolution of physical maturation and movement towards external consciousness within a sexual polarity, there is also an involution of internal consciousness in the direction of the opposing sexual polarity.  The distances between those polarities is minimal in childhood but may be as wide as the universe by the time we become matured adults.

These energies are associated with aspects of our soul.  As outlined through previous discussions (See Chapter 4, pages 54-55, Beyond the Soul’s Meridian) the lower elements of our soul which include our emotionality and ego persona are associated with our earthly life and firmly entrenched within the corporeal world. (1)  The higher elements of our soul are directly related to the transcendent and are literally nurtured through spiritual energies which constitute the source of our love.  Without acknowledging the elements of the higher soul, we are beings living in a state of limitation, blindness, and error.

As to why we have been “cleaved”, so to speak, is anyone’s guess.  Our mythologies convey a number of reasons.  It is suggested that dark forces have invaded this time-space continuum to steal the light from its source.  It is also suggested that many of us have come from a higher state of wholeness to redeem or salvage the light that is trapped within the darkness and steer it back towards source.  Many are now lost in the darkness and chaos and cannot find their way out.  And many are attempting to thrive in the shadows of this confusion.  Clearly, there seems to be a perpetual struggle within this realm of existence where we repetitively live within this separated state for as long as it takes for us to learn our lessons through these dark struggles.

Yet today many are suggesting that this level of darkness and confusion will no longer exist within the earth’s biosphere as our planet seems to be unifying itself.  It appears as though the world is being prepared to ascend into a higher level of consciousness (and therefore higher plane of existence) which will only be suited for people that are not only willing to grow and expand their awareness, but must succeed in doing so.  The final common pathway to this process ultimately leads to the revelation of the hidden part of our own self which we were separated from when we voluntarily entered into this world of conflict and strife.

This hidden part of our own self is intimately related to the concept of evil.  As it turns out, because of this separation we can never distance ourselves from these dark energies within this physical life.  In explaining our existential predicament, our mythologies demonstrate that we “fell from grace” suggesting that we descended from a higher state of conscious existence which was unified with our hidden spiritual nature.  It must have taken a tremendous amount of energy to separate these energies because they are naturally in powerful sympathy to each other and cannot be held apart for very long.  The energy expelled at the conception of our universe may be testament to how much force was actually needed to create this universal schism.

The Faithful Sophia

Mythology suggests that at one time there was a habitable planet of highly evolved beings in close proximity to Mars.  This planet was known as Maldek and through warlike conflict it exploded about 500,000 year ago.  To a small degree, the remnants of this explosion make up the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, and to greater degree the debris field further out at the edges of the solar system known as the Kuiper belt.  The Goddess of Maldek is known as Tiamat, who is a feminine being within the archetype of Isis-Sophia.

The Gnostic legends of Sophia convey to us that she tried to create a god-child, but she did this in an imbalanced state.  Essentially she did not have consent from the spiritual realm in the form of a masculine consort to create this being.  What was birthed was not a balanced entity but one of corruption and distortion with limited awareness and insight.  As this creature matured it grew in power eventually overtaking his mother creator and spawning an array of demonic entities.

As stated in the Gnostic codices of the Nag Hammadi Apocryphal (Secret Book) of John;

He took control and created for himself other aeons with luminous fire, which still exist.  He mated with the mindlessness in him and produced authorities for himself.”

This demonic power was the rise of misogynistic egoism and Sophia became defiled, consumed, and imprisoned by these enslaving forces to the brink of her annihilation.  The name of Sophia’s creation was Yaldabaoth which became a deceitful usurping dark entity that has presented itself as our “Creator God” of Jehovah or Yahweh.  At least that’s what the Gnostic legends tell us.  What is interesting to observe is that there are very strong similarities to the fall of Sophia and the legends to Maldek-Tiamat.

Again, Tiamat as the Goddess of Maldek is within the archetype of Sophia.  The children of Maldek, which are Sophia’s children, were imbalanced, violent, and war-like to the point of near self extinction.  They were also very technologically evolved and are in some circles considered to be the Progenitors of our own culture and race.  Regardless of this fact, it appears that they may have come to earth and over time declared themselves to be our creator gods.  In a sense we are all in the same predicament as Sophia, as we have become defiled and consumed by their legacy of limitation and enslavement.

The fall of Sophia represents the rise of this enslaving egotistical force.  Many believe that it is a metaphor for the fall of the human soul into the matrix of dense physical existence.  I see it as the rise of egotism at the loss of the knowledge of our spiritual origins.  We have become so distant from this knowledge that we have completely forgotten what the spirit, grace, and unconditional love actually are as shadow anti-spirit forces have now come to fill the void left within us though their binding imprisonment if not displacement of our inner spiritual self.  Sophia is the embodiment of our inner spiritual self which for many is still being brutalized to the point of an almost non-existence.

Yet in the end Sophia is redeemed by her consort, which is Christ.  In cosmic terms this would be our galactic Central Sun energies identified as that of the Christós or Christ.  Both of these energies now exist as a union and are ingrained within the etheric energies of our earth’s biosphere.  I like to think of them as the masculine and feminine polarities of a unified redeeming force.  This is the actual ascension principle and for all who care to transform in unison with the earth must come to discover and experience these unifying energies within the parameters of these archetypes.

Effortlessness from Above and Below

It is said that as events happen within the higher planes of consciousness that they eventually trickle down into the lowest states of being.  What is happening on a universal-galactic level is also happening within our biosphere and is now happening within each and every individual that welcomes this transformational event.  The essence of what is occurring is intuitive and simple.  In fact, it has been described as effortless. Like a matched pair of magnets coming together.  What we are doing is connecting the inner part of our self which our soul has become estranged from for so long that we forgot that it even existed.  So, all of it begins as an inner awakening which becomes exceedingly familiar to us.  In reality we are betrothed to this inner spiritual entity and must become unified with it once more. For many it may take more lifetimes to achieve this union.  Ultimately we are intended to experience an inner sacrament in the form of an alchemical wedding also known as the Hieros Gamos.  This cannot happen on the physical plane because what we are destined to marry is spiritual and now ingrained within the etheric energies of the earth itself.

If one is truly interested in spiritually ascending, preparing for this wedding becomes our primary focus.  Ultimately this preparation is a paradoxical exercise.  How often I have seen people dedicating themselves to various methods in achieving this goal.  Many will spend lifetimes in willful endeavors to precipitate it, yet nothing ever happens.  What is important to note is that the marriage will never happen through any willful endeavor on the truth seekers part.  There is no method that will achieve this.  It is important to have the will to know and to seek out answers through various sources and testimonies.  It is also important to be mindful and meditate, but that is in itself an act of willful intention.  These things are done only in preparation.

It becomes essential to understand that in order to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven we must do so as a child.  Not quite egoless and not quite genderless, but much less so than our matured egotistical self routinely allows.  The ultimate path is the one that takes us back to the kingdom of childhood.  Within this state we become closer to our higher spiritual nature and must at some point silence the Ego’s will and defer to the direction of our higher self (spirit).  Eventually a process of inner transformation will begin at a cadence that is determined by our spirit which ultimately leads to the unification of our eternal soul and inner spiritual self.  The essence of this process is willfully subjecting our ego self to our own higher spiritual authority.  We will instantly recognize our higher self as the most perfect manifestation of our complementary masculine or feminine consort that is beyond anything that we have ever experienced within our earth bound life.  We will also recognize that it is imbued with the authority of the Christós-Sophia through the presence of infinite love, beauty, sexuality, compassion, wisdom, and grace.

Ultimately this will lead to redemption of the shadow forces that exist within each and every one of us.  These shadow forces are karmic in nature and directly related to the zodiacal forces that comprise our emotional bodies, personality characteristics, and ego personas—none of these things we can actually get rid of as they remain essential to our earthly life.  There may also be energetic attachments if not overt entity possessions which further compound our existential predicament.  Regardless, what is most important to understand is that when our spiritual light is cast into the deepest recesses of our soul it is a redemptive energy that will neutralize the chaos.  Furthermore, this redemptive energy will always remain there if the Hieros Gamos is achieved.  If this is not achieved, these chaotic dark elements will in some way continue to rule through the unenlightened Ego controlled by the dark lord of the Anti-Christós known as Sorath and his children of Lucifer, Satan, Ahriman, Belial, Mammon, Mephistopheles, Beelzebub, Leviathan, Asuras, etc.

In previous discussions I have written in detail about what one might experience through this process.  Furthermore, there is an extremely important concept that must not be overlooked which has to do with building an inner temple within one’s heart where this marriage is eventually ordained to take place.   This temple is built through inspirational thought and deeds of love which is thinking and action imbued with the forces of our higher spiritual self which is channeling into us Christós-Sophia energies.  In a sense this is the way, truth, and life that Jesus made reference to.  It is also the reason why Sophia fell from grace as she tried to create without this energy.

A balanced state of feminine-masculine (soul-spirit) is also the fundamental principle of artistic expression.  In essence nothing produced solely by the Ego is of any real value without guidance and input from the spirit.  We really can only accomplish this from a conscious vantage point that is outside of Ego in a higher aspect of soul known as Consciousness Soul, Christ Consciousness, or Unity Consciousness which becomes possible exclusively through the unification of our higher self imbued with the energies of the Christós-Sophia.  At some point we must all develop an artistic soul in the highest sense.  This does not come from passive mental exercises but from active imaginative human endeavors.  In the truest sense this becomes the way of our life which constructs the inner temple sanctuary.

In my November 2016 discussion I had written about our inner authority which is a ruling masculine principle within us that is directly related to the heavenly Father and the Christós.  In this world not only has true masculine energy been withdrawn but our feminine counterpart in the form of Sophia has been debauched, raped, and cast aside into the gutter.  Furthermore she has been marginalized and bound into a muted subservient being.  Although many people today have the impression that masculine energies have led us to the precipice of annihilation this is not exactly what has been happening to the world.  Usurping energies masquerading as the heavenly Father have for the most part facilitated this distortion.  Again, the withdrawal of true spiritual authority was intentional so we could experience free will.  The void left behind by both the absence of the Father and the fall of the Mother allowed these dark entities into our current state of existence—ultimately with our consent.  We had to learn through this experience.

Yet as the world starts to ascend we see the rise of our Sophic energies moving again towards a union with the heavenly Father.  This marks the ascension of the planet.  Many people believe that Sophia is the embodiment of wisdom, but that is not entirely true.  She actually represents understanding as all knowledge exists through a Universal Creational Source, most of which we are still not yet aware of.  It is this marriage of human Sophic understanding to the Universal Creational Source known as the Logos, Christós, or Christ that is the essence of our transformation.


The High Priestess

It is certain that anyone who is foolish enough to read my discussions may be questioning how they can individually relate to all of these esoteric concepts.  Firstly, I am not speaking about these ideas from a theoretical perspective.  I have directly experienced them.

Secondly, these are sexual ideas which we will become directly engaged in as sexually charged experiences.  This sexual unification is occurring from the highest levels of the cosmos into the deepest recesses of the human soul.  Personally, I feel that Carl Jung said it best when he stated that ultimately, our soul is the conceiving womb of God.

Thirdly, who doesn’t want to have better sex?  Most people today have virtually no idea what the purpose and potentials of their sexual energies really are.  As we ascend we become more loving and consequently greater beings sexually when we welcome and intentionally bring the Christós-Sophia energies not only into ourselves but within all of our personal relationships.  Grace, wisdom, beauty, sympathy, empathy, compassion, virtue, and sexuality are all equated to each other and are simply love experienced at varying levels of consciousness.

Fourthly, this transformation is effortless.  The modern existentialist and infamous alcoholic, Charles Bukowski, once wrote that not everyone can be a drunk.  It’s easier to be a non-drunk.  He said that it takes endurance to be a drunk.  We are not really designed to live in error, which is to live in denial of our own spirit.  It wears on our soul and is the essence of all spiritual, psychological, and physical aliments.  Furthermore, it opens portals for lower usurping energies and entities to live within the space that was intended for our higher inner self.  We are intentionally designed to be this way.  Once we realize this we can take control of our lives by clearing our inner sanctuary and building it back up with love, light, and truth.  It is only until we initiate this process of house cleaning where we can begin moving our consciousness in a forward direction.

It is also important to understand that it is difficult to assign genders to energies like our soul and spirit because both of them have polarities.  By convention the soul is usually considered as feminine and the spirit as masculine.  This is simply because the soul is a receptive entity to the spirit.  In its proper alignment, the soul willfully subjects itself to the authority of the spirit.  Yet as a man, from a psychological perspective, my consciousness soul has developed as a masculine entity and my spirit as feminine.  I strongly suspect the opposite is true for a woman.  And I would also suspect there to be less gender specific differences for those who live within less distinct sexual polarities.

In the Arcana of the Tarot elements of the divine feminine are seen within the archetype of the High Priestess and the Empress.  In the Arcanum of the High Priestess she is sitting upon a throne holding a book which represents the ability to impart her higher wisdom into those souls who are actively seeking it.  As the earth ascends so does human consciousness and we are now beginning to see the presence of the divine Sophia through the expressions of many powerful, sincere, and beautiful souls who represent both genders.  The expression of the Divine Feminine is not gender exclusive simply because we all have this Sophic principle within us.  Although it must be conceded that in general, women seem to be recognizing this principle sooner than most men.

Our Dear Friend, who wrote for us his “Meditations on the Tarot”, articulates beautifully the pathway that this process of Sophia’s redemption—and subsequently our soul’s liberation—will ultimately lead us to:

Each mode of experience and knowledge when pushed to its limit becomes a sense or engenders a special sense.  He who dares to aspire to the experience of the unique essence of Being will develop a mystical sense or spiritual touch.  If he wants not only to live but also to learn to understand what he lives through, he will develop a gnostic sense.  And if he wants to put into practice what he has understood from mystical experience, he will develop the magical sense.  If, lastly, he wants all that he has experienced, understood and practiced to be not limited to himself and his time, but to be communicable to others and to be transmitted to future generations, he must develop the Hermetic-philosophical sense, and in practicing it he will “write his book”.” (2)

This is strongly suggesting to us the obvious.  That we are changing the world simply by doing what is intuitive within the nature of every human being:

1) Endeavoring to understand and know our inner self.

2) Building our inner temple sanctuary.

3) Unifying our opposing natures through the mystical marriage.

4) Practicing love and sexuality through the divinity of our sacred magic in the presence of our higher spiritual self imbued with Christós-Sophia.

5) Articulating our wisdom through creational endeavors such as writing our books, painting our murals, and freely sharing our ideas through artistic expressions.

Ultimately, we are simply living within the guidance and wisdom of our hearts.  In doing these things we are stepping outside of the Ego’s distortion and living within the Christós-Sophia energies channeled through our spirit in effortless sympathy to the Earth’s resurrection.

This is how the transformation of our individual soul is truly linked to the Earth’s ascension and rebirth.

For a further discussion of the Hieros Gamos see Chapter 8, “The Alchemical Unification of the Opposites”, in Beyond the Souls Meridian.




(2) Anonymous, Meditations on the Tarot: A Journey into Christian Hermeticism, Tarcher/Penguin, New York, 2002, page 42.

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