Depersonalized Spiritualism

“We can only become whole when we ascend our consciousness beyond the egocentric mind into the heart. This is what is known as the state of I AM, Unity Consciousness, or Christ Consciousness. The ideas of the globalist controlled scientific cult are intentionally trying to obscure this essential truth. As Jesus stated, “Those who come before me are thieves and robbers.” (4) Any idea, religion, or philosophy that is barren of our individual “I AM” consciousness would in essence be robbing us of the experience of knowing our essential nature and inhibiting us from freely developing into our full potentials as people who have become “knowers” of this truth.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian March 18, 2017

As we inch our way towards enlightenment older scientific ideas that were somewhat defensible up until the 2012 meridian have now become exceedingly difficult to sustain.  What we see now falling by the wayside are theories and ideas that were championed by the stalwarts of conventional science which were deeply entrenched within the physical parameters of linear cause and effect.  Very soon there will be a global consensus on new scientific observations and principles that will prove that we are not alone in the universe; proof of an advanced earth culture that far exceeds our conventional understanding of history; proof that time is an abstraction of the mind and a parameter of lower density existence; proof that faster than light travel is feasible; proof that consciousness is collective; proof of the existence of the ancient’s Aether; proof that the physical world can be influenced by thought; proof that healing is intimately related to energetic consciousness; etc. etc, etc.  Within our lifetime it will have to be publicly conceded that Newton, Einstein, and Darwin’s theories are incomplete at best.  This means that all of us will have to go back to school and re-configured our understanding of how the universe actually works—and more importantly—how we are integrated within all of it. 

Powerful organizations created and backed by the world’s power elite were established so that their will could be enforced.  This will was channeled by a scientific cult that became the dominant influence within conventional science since the time of Charles Darwin (See Chapter 2 Confronting the Masters of Confinement in Beyond the Soul’s Meridian for a more detailed explanation).  The origins of this organization stemmed forth in the late 1800’s through England’s Royal Academy of science under the tutelage of Thomas Henry Huxley.  T. H. Huxley was known as Darwin’s Bulldog for inseminating Charles Darwin’s idea of Natural Selection into the psyche of all reputable practicing scientists.  Huxley’s actions propagated Darwinian viewpoints throughout the branches of science which lay outside of the realm of biology.

Eventually a cult of materialistic science emerged which by design is only allowed to view the world in an “empirical” fashion which is strictly limited to the parameters of the five senses within the third dimensional linear time continuum.  This cult is organized through the prestigious International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) which promotes an atheistic world agenda.  This agenda is the basis of mind control through misleading ideas that promote confusion as to the origins of who we really are and what we are potentially capable of.  If one looks hard enough anti-humanistic concepts such as trans-humanism, global depopulation, and GMO farming all have their origins within the atheism world movement which is also known under the euphemism of secular humanism.

Many corporations and well known philanthropists are aligned and entangled within the agenda of secular humanism so it should come to no surprise that certain members of the materialistic scientific cult are promoted by the corporately owned media as “experts” who we are conditioned to believe as truthful and credible sources.   The media itself proclaims them to be so and is constantly hammering into us the fact that this select group of individuals are really important and smart.  It should come to no surprise that their books are published and heavily promoted, their lectures propagated through social media, and that many of them hold high academic appointments and are themselves media stars.

Yet the days of an overt rational linear science of materialism is now coming to an end.  It has literally seen its day.  For the globalists it is essential that they continue to maintain a scientific cult to promote their agenda so it has become necessary for them to re-invent themselves.   Something else with a new spin must now be phased in to take its place.  This is no surprise to the powers that be.  They knew the end of materialism was coming because the origins of atheism-secular humanism are actually steeped within aspects of esoteric science.  So those who are at the pinnacle of these organizations knew all along that the ruse of secular materialism was not going to last forever and that some other cult would be needed to limit consciousness and control our minds.

It was interesting that from the beginning of the secular scientific cult there was an alternative movement connected to it that became the basis for a science that was more “spiritual” in nature.  Borrowing philosophical ideas from Eastern sources, esoteric knowledge cast-off from groups whose origins were firmly entrenched within occult science, and empirically based shamanistic-psychedelic experiences, a new form of “science” was created which is both secular and to a limited degree—“spiritual”.  This form of science still relies heavily upon egocentric thinking and completely ignores if not intentionally obscures the concept of a soul and individual spirit.

What is being promoted in both conventional and to a certain extent the alternative media is a form of depersonalized spiritualism.  This is a movement which concedes the fact that energy can never be created nor destroyed and that we are to a certain degree energetic.  What is also emerging is the idea that thought is collective and that everything is connected to a universal spiritual source which is impartial.  Furthermore, many within this scientific cult are openly acknowledging that the physical world is ultimately an illusion created by ourselves through “source”.  Through our empirical studies, all of these things are highly probable.   Yet the conclusions that are drawn through scientific observations are highly disturbing.  Recently a very prominent astrophysicist alluded to the fact that if the physical world is an illusion, then so are we. (1) Furthermore a highly respected Stanford professor and proclaimed expert on lucid dreaming goes further in this observation by stating that personal consciousness is an illusion and only a universal awareness exists. (2)  Elaborating upon this idea, we are told that individual consciousness and sense of self identity are just an illusion as all of it simply disintegrates back into source which is by their definition a depersonalized universal awareness.

Many within this school of thought are going further and stating that since all of life is just an illusion, then there is no right or wrong, nor is there any sense of individual judgment and personal atonement because all of existence is ultimately connected to an impartial source.  Perhaps it is true that ultimately everything is connected to source, but this depersonalized spiritual viewpoint is actually a gross distortion of ancient and established concepts such as the “Law of Karma” and the universal understanding of Oneness, known as “The Law of One.”

Although many living within an egocentric viewpoint observe the world as random and chaotic, when reincarnation and karma are considered the universe becomes exceedingly synchronistic and just.  This should come to no surprise.  All energies must be balanced and a zero point is eventually established.  As Paul of Tarsus stated, “We reap what we sow.” Recently, I discovered a variation of this idea from the Adamu source which states, “May you get exactly what you are creating.” (3)  Apparently this is a universal adage which can be used as either a blessing or a curse.  Our mythologies, scriptures, wisdom sources, and common sense overwhelmingly convey to us that some form of personal judgment is inescapable.  This is simply because we are intimately connected to and one with our spirit through a bond of unconditional love.  When we have transgressed against others we are transgressing against ourselves and we become distant from our universal source of love and oneness.  This state of isolation cannot be held forever and eventually we will be compelled to collapse this self induced state of separation by moving back into sympathetic alignment with our higher self and source.  This is the point where personal judgment and atonement will occur through an intrinsic and archetypal process which eventually must play itself out on the physical plane of existence.  Hence, reincarnation is intimately and essentially related to karma.

Although it is possible that we were never truly separated from our higher self (as many people feel that this schism is impossible) our egocentric mind has created an illusion of separation. We can only become whole when we ascend our consciousness beyond the egocentric mind into the heart.  This is what is known as the state of I AM, Unity Consciousness, or Christ Consciousness.  The ideas of the globalist controlled scientific cult are intentionally trying to obscure this essential truth.  As Jesus stated, “Those who come before me are thieves and robbers.” (4)  Any idea, religion, or philosophy that is barren of our individual “I AM” consciousness would in essence be robbing us of the experience of knowing our essential nature and inhibiting us from freely developing into our full potentials as people who have become “knowers” of this truth.

Many people have now come to recognize the validity of a channeled wisdom source known as the Law of One. (5)  When considered from its most distant perspective, it is conveying to us that we are all interconnected through the realities of our individual spirits.  In fact, there is a spiritual element within all living sources which is ultimately interconnected.  An understanding of this principle and the manipulation of these energies is also the basis for magic.  But if one were to actually read through the Law of One, you will come to find that in our current state of existence (which is defined as a lower level of consciousness referred to as third density “3D” consciousness) we are indeed living within an egocentric existence of isolation, fragmentation, and competition.  The fact is this existence is not merely an illusion, but a variable reality.  It should be accurately considered as the reality of a 3D existential existence.

Yet, we are not permanent residents of this 3D realm as we are meant to eventually ascend beyond it through a process which amounts to an expansion of our individual consciousness.  This process is a free will decision made by the individual when a person has learned all of their lessons through life lived within the realm of 3D experience and has now prepared themselves to progress into a higher state of living consciousness.

In a very cryptic yet profound statement found within Carl Jung’s Red Book, he states that we are now living within a transition which will have three phases. (6)  The first is war, the second is magic, and the third is religion. He tells us that war is the unleashing of chaos and that magic is the binding back of this chaos.  In the last phase he speaks of religion, meaning that we will be living in a time when the knowledge of the spirit will become a reality.  In a very truthful sense we will all become “knowers.”  Furthermore, he states that this will be the time when the One will begin to rule.  All of these phases are essentially the universal process of alchemical transformation. To Jung this process was inevitable, like the movements of the celestial bodies which this transformation is intimately related to. This transition was predicted to come to fruition over an 800 year period which began around the eve of the First World War.

Not surprisingly, these concepts are echoed through the Law of One material which also states that we are now living within a transition which will amount to a varying length of time depending upon how we are individually prepared to receive it.  Furthermore, this transition is inevitable as the earth itself is going through an energetic change which amounts to a global ascension into a higher density of existence.  It is clearly stated in this material that in order for the individual to remain engaged within the biosphere of this earth they must willfully and lovingly ascend their own consciousness in harmony with this global transformation.  This is referred to in the writings as “the Harvest”.   Both global and individual transformations are inseparable and eventually the earth will no longer be a hospitable place for egocentric people to live upon.  Ultimately this transformational process is cosmically driven and again is as inevitable and predictable as the movements of the heavens.

The Law of One is a widely respected wisdom source that should be considered seriously for anyone who is interested in knowing about this global transition that we now find ourselves moving through.  One issue that would always confuse me was how some people who have attained a level of higher wisdom still choose a negative path of existence while skirting around the Law of Karma.  This is explained in esoteric science through the concept of the Greater Guardian of the Threshold.  Once we ascend to a point where we have overcome our fear (which is the essence of the Lesser Guardian), we must decide how to channel our energies.  This decision is made within the Greater Guardian’s presence which among many things is serving as a witness to this decision.

The Law of One states that we have two options.  The first option is to live in service to self and the second is to live in service to others.  Neither choice is actually wrong as it is up to the individual to make this decision in free will as to what pathway will best suit them.  The vast majority of people will resonate with the positive pathway and far less will select the negative.  There appears to be a criterion based on our intrinsic behavior and developed consciousness which will determine this outcome.  Many will not ascend their consciousness to the point of encountering the guardians of the threshold and therefore will not be able to make this choice and will remain undecided.

It is said that negative ascension is far more difficult than the positive pathway.  Even if one does ascend in a negative fashion, ultimately there will be a process of atonement and redemption for their negative behaviors living in their enhanced dark state of conscious separation from higher self and source.  Ultimately these negative entities must collapse separation by dissipating their antagonistic energies and moving back to source and higher self in sympathy through Unity Consciousness. It is conveyed in esoteric science that there are twelve levels of existence and that separation between positive and negative polarities ceases to exist within the sixth level of consciousness.

What is most important to understand is that despite the impression that the media has been portraying to us, our biosphere is transforming itself within a positive polarity and will only be suitable for those who are choosing to resonate in this direction.  Therefore, ascension is grounded to the energies of our earth.  This mystery was conveyed to us by the visionary Rudolf Steiner almost a century ago through his lectures on the meaning of Ascension in reference to Christ Jesus when he conveyed to us that the Second Coming of Christ was destined to happen but not on the physical plane.  It has occurred within the energetic plane of the earth’s biosphere which is referred to as the Etheric.

The Etheric is in fact the Aether that the ancients had known about which functions as our source of collective memory, physical vitality, and conduit to spiritual awakening.  It is an energetic field that permeates all of life and it is up to the individual to intentionally ascend their level of consciousness in order to know it and become one with it.  Within the presence of this field are the energies of the Christós-Sophia archetype which I and many others have written extensively about.  Ultimately, what is critical to comprehend is the simple fact that our individual transformation into I AM Unity-Christ Consciousness is literally the essential meaning of the earth and the reason for our earthly life. (7)  Within this intentionally designed paradigm, both the ascension of the earth and the individual soul through these Christós-Sophia energies are inseparable.

Furthermore, within the Law of One it clearly states that our earth will no longer be able to sustain the presence of those who willfully choose to not pursue this spiritual unification along with those who remain undecided.  Those unwilling or incapable of transforming will move on so-to-speak onto other worlds where they can continue to live within paradigms which will suit them best.  If one just looks at our own world as it has existed up until now, it can easily be observed how a minority of negatively polarized souls living within service to self exists by controlling a populace which is mainly undecided.

As I had mentioned in my September 2016 post, it was estimated that only 0.0042% of us were prepared to ascend into a higher state of consciousness, meaning that very few of us have ascended into a higher state of positive polarity in services to others.  There remains to be many reasons for this disparity, but as those attempting to control become more negative, it catalyzes a backlash reaction where people can see the truth and willfully choose to resonate in a decidedly positive direction.  Fortunately, there appears to be time left for those who can sense that deep within their hearts they know that the moment to move forward and ascend is now at hand.  In some of the ascension sources a period of transition has been afforded to us beginning around the 2012 meridian.

There are a number of highly energetic souls who are sensing that the consciousness of the earth is splitting into two timelines.  One timeline evolves into a more negative world where service to self, chaos, and conflict flourishes.  In many ways this is the apocalyptic nightmare that popular culture has been promoting for decades.  It is also the path of the egotistical mind which Sigmund Freud observed as the seat of our fear and anxiety.  Rudolf Steiner called this timeline the Eighth Sphere in which he saw a harsh world of strife and conflict devoid of spiritual knowledge and hope.  Steiner believed that there was an external force that would descend upon the earth at this time which would attempt to influence our consciousness and lead many if not all into this false world of spiritual imprisonment.  This scenario is certainly possible if we continue to willfully live within the world of 3D ego knowing nothing of the spirit and subjecting our selves to experts with higher academic rank, financial power, political influence, popular appeal, or institutionally derived accolades who are intentionally leading the undecided astray and feeding off of those who have not developed the fortitude and the wisdom to recognize that they are indeed being lied to, abused, and enslaved.

How does it feel, living in a life of limitation and abuse?  If you haven’t already figured it out, life along this trajectory is only going to get worse because you have given away your ordained right to co-create a cooperative world in Unity Consciousness—which we are intentionally designed to live within—to narcissists and sociopaths who have no intentions other than their own self aggrandizement.  They are literally making the world around them a living hell and you an indentured servant enslaved to the will of their disordered thinking and chaos.

For those who have had enough and have come to understand that it is truly our consciousness that can co-create and transform the world, an alternative timeline is emerging where human beings are rapidly moving towards a world of cooperation in service to others in Unity Consciousness.  Again, it must be noted that we can only live within this world through an elevated awareness of I AM guided by spiritual impulses through a living relationship to our higher self.  As previously discussed this is intimately related to the union of our soul to our spirit through the mystery of the Hieros Gamos (Sacred Marriage). Within this timeline astonishing transformations are destined to occur that enlightened visionaries have predicted.  Anyone who has managed to look ahead into the future through the perspective of I AM knows that this is the ordained path that we are destined to take.

All of this is a matter of choice. There may be no right or wrong answer. Those who choose the negative path are freely consenting to live within a paradigm of limitation. This is because their rational soul can only see this as an option.  In order to see the positive path, fear and inertia must be overcome and consciousness must ascend.  The only way that this can happen is for the individual to willfully begin a quest for knowing and understanding the truth of their inner mysteries which are lying dormant waiting to be discovered within each and every one of us.  Generally, this is a long and methodical process which opens a dialog to the higher self—although some believe that there will be some type of global “event” in the near future which will catalyze this process at a dramatically accelerated rate.   Whatever the nature of this “event” is, it is still left to be seen.  Personally I would not rely upon prophecy or hearsay as the basis for my spiritual enlightenment and I find it highly unlikely that any externalized process will suffice in lieu of time and the ancient wisdom practices of self realization.

Like many others, I suspect that it will take a number of centuries over many lifetimes for us to evolve to the fruition of true ascension.  I also suspect that an intrinsic energetic process may begin to either envelope the earth or transform our biosphere to the point where a dwindling amount of negatively oriented souls could even incarnate into our planet of ascending consciousness.  In a sense, this is an inverse concept of “eugenics” that many occult and elitist organizations have promoted.  The negative groups see it as forcefully depopulating the earth through a death process of selection and attrition while the positive groups see it as a birthing process of populating an ascended earth through love and sympathetic unity.

Regardless, nothing positive can ever be accomplished within a world devoid of a living knowledge of our eternal soul and personal spirit.  Be weary of false prophets with ravenous hearts cloaked in sheep’s clothing who will tell you otherwise—for by their fruits you shall know them.





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